Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: Staring Right At Me

Last week I did a fair job of putting my readers in a virtual corner because the internet lacked inked inspiration. Now I have to make *amends (before you smile in triumphant . . . only a little) because this morning I woke up wondering what will I feature for today's tattoo. I had to think about the post earlier in the day as shop day is not my privilege this week . . . something about being a responsible adult and working at my other job. (Insert smile)

Long before I began writing Tattoo Tuesdays I was a tattoo admirer, albeit from a distance. However, more and more I find myself itching to ask random strangers the history behind their skin art and even getting so bold as to ask for a picture. I haven't done it yet, but I getting there.

If it was a snake it would have bit me! *Today's tattoo has hung on the wall in my room for awhile and was in my collage box before gracing the wall collage. In 2008 a magazine did a feature article about up and coming Olympians. I say 'a magazine' rather than the name of the magazine because for the life of me I can't remember what magazine it was; the internet was no help either in tracking it down. Natasha Kai was one of the featured Olympians. Immediately I was drawn to this female soccer athlete because of her tattoos and I knew I had to cut the picture out; eventually using it someday in a collage. Hawaiian art has a very Celtic flavor to me and perhaps that is why I'm so drawn to her tattoos.

The picture above isn't as great of detail as I would like to feature here, but well if you google her you may see other . . . nice pictures. I even tried finding a clearer version of the picture featured on my collage, but no such luck.

According to this article: “The only soccer-related tattoo I have is on my back,” Kai said. “It’s God’s hands holding with the word believe in Chinese. That’s the word we used in the Olympics. If we believe in each other, then great things will come and we won.” 

That's okay we still know you are an awesome soccer player and one to be jealous of, not only your tattoos, but your mad skills as well. Natasha was also featured on an episode of L.A. Ink; which I didn't know and now need to find a copy to watch.

Quote of the Day:

Translation: Acquire skill and make it deep.
Explanation: If you want to become really good at anything, you've got to study hard and practice long until it gets deep and becomes a part of you.

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