Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: Steampunk Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

 "Waiting On" Wednesday spotlights upcoming releases that everyone's excited about (created by Jill at Breaking The Spine.)

Steampunk: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Scheduled to be released:
May 8, 2012

Why I'm waiting:
Hello! Cover lust anyone?!?

Seriously, though, I came across this in my research for my Steampunk article, that is to be featured in the next bookstore newsletter, and suddenly I had the urge to read Frankenstein. I had seen the Steampunk Poe book on one of my book buying excursions and nearly purchased it. Now I see I will have to buy both! I just want to reach out and touch the cover.

Book Synopsis:

Everyone is familiar with Mary Shelley’s classic novel, but no one has read it like this! Frankenstein is the long celebrated gothic tale of a science experiment gone awry. But in this brand-new edition, Shelley's haunting horror story is transformed with the addition of steampunk-inspired art by Manuel Sumberac.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: Figuring Figure Eights

Sometimes I wish when I take these undesired blog hiatus' I could come back and say the reason I've left the blogging, writing, reading sphere that is this blog, is because I've been on safari or some such. Alas it is because I'm bloody busy and don't multi task as well as some.

When I do find the time, it always seems to be Tuesdays that I can finally blog. Tuesdays mean tattoos and thus I'm worried my blog followers/readers may have a misconception developed or developing that "Maddie is obsessed with only...tattoos." I might scream at you, "THIS IS NOT TRUE!" For if you took a tour of my home, you would find the 'slaves of my flesh' are books. Someday soon I will get around to blogging about the books, for I hear them grumbling now that tattoos are no match for the mighty words their pages hold.

With that being said, today's tattoo is actually from the word realm (Books sigh and are appeased for a short time).

My favorite number is based solely on visual appeal. Growing up when I liked the look of a letter or number and I wasn't already writing it in the style presented, I decided at that moment...learn to write the 'a' with the additional loop, etc. Then I came across an 8 and instead of the sloppy traditional style, it looked as though two 'o's had been stacked on top of each other, snowman style. I HAD to 'force' myself to learn this new '8'. I can't help how my mind works. Mum said it was called a carpenter's '8', but I didn't care I just liked writing my '8s' that way. Where is this explanation going? Today's tattoo utilizes the carpenter '8' and words too! I'm starting to think I need to rent some skin to fill with all the tattoo ideas I'm getting.

Fleshy (After)

Graphic (Before)
Once again I have tumblr to thank for today's featured tattoo. At least this time I didn't go looking for just magically appeared in my tumblr feed as though to say, "You need me." Oh yes and RIB TATTOO...HELLO! What goes around comes back around. . . you reap what you sow.
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