Monday, February 20, 2012

Mundane Mondays: Musing with the Muse

I will spare you the typical apology intro following my long absences from posting (nonetheless I am sorry).

Today is all about music. I feel sure that I've expressed my deep appreciation for music in the past. I mean I'm the girl with my iPod (auto-correct corrected this to opossum) engraved (hey it was free) with music is an outburst of the soul*. The only other thing in this life that I readily, and with little thought, shell out cash for are books, those of course come first.

Talk about diverse! These days its screamo and folk/pop and I never object to dance tuneage. I am even versed in dubstep and weirder yet...screamo rap. Did you know there was such a thing?

I owe several mix taps to the muse box and friends. That being said below is a mundane Monday playlist. The songs stir in me meaning (reminding me of love) or inspire me with their lyrics. I want to share my findings and then I’m off to find blank CDs because otherwise I am going to hear it from people.

Scarlet Shroud by Vanna

When I was new to the screamo scene last year at this time, I had the guidance into the dark side :) by 2 guys (B and C u know who u are).  Me being the student, I was bound to strike out on my own and began my research. Vanna hit my radar screen and was an instant ‘can’t get enough’. Scarlet Shroud is from their newest album, and They Came Baring Bones. It is not as hard as their other songs, but it ranks amongst my favorites.

Promises by Nero

Dubstep? Techno? Electronic? Who cares I can dance to it and makes for awesome dance while driving music. I owe their finding to Skrillex and B. If you like this song, definitely check out their cover of  Crush On You.

Start Again by Evangelion

This song reminds me of my growing up years. It has a 90’s grunge feeling. That is by no means a negative observation and I, well I like it. Ok? Via Ruberman on Twitter ;)

Jungle by Emma Louise

Follow her videos on youtube! I have to give it to youtube sometimes they are spot on with their recommendations. I can't help, but drum my stirring wheel and belt this song out.

Double Trouble by Jack and White

Hello 60’s and shaking your hips to the sound of this Indy duo that is just plain fun. Many of their other songs I appreciate for the lyrics as well.

Damage by Fit For Rivals

Youtube (auto-correct corrected this to toughness) and their recommendations! I first listened to this group and couldn't figure out if the lead singer, Rene, was a male or female. It seems I was not alone. Rene is a girl (unless the comments were wrong). Which proves even more how talented she is because the scratchiness of her voice (a good thing) combined with the effect is a huge draw. My pocket book does not often allow for an entire album purchase, which I was forever trying to explain to B, but for once I ignored the pleas for its frugality. I purchased their entire CD on iTunes (shhh).

Anna Sun by Walk the Moon

I don’t want to type anything...just sing. I so enjoy the build up at the beginning of this song. Oh Anna sun, what do you know...

Check out these too:
-Fast Fast by Let’s Buy Happiness
-The King and All Of His Men by Wolf Gang
-Patterns by Band Of Skulls
-The Greatest American Sob Story by Underminded
-Bluebeard by Band Of Horses (I'm sure you have heard them before, but I never thought I would like another of their songs as much as The Funeral...I don't mind being wrong)

Hit me up on Spotify my new music haven :). Be proud of me I typed this entire post on my kindle (hence the commentary mentioning auto-correct occurrences) while driving back from Chicago last night. Okay so among other things I have attempted while driving, this was not one of them. No I was a passenger and I was thinking ahead because I knew time would not be on my side today to write this post. Be thankful! I am demanding aren't I?

*Music is an outburst of the soul.” quote by Frederick Delius

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Book Review: The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum

Abby (never Abigail) lives a normal and well . . . boring life. She is ready for her next step in life to be anything, but what’s expected. Little does she realize that the moment Dante enters her life things will never be normal again. Time may very well stop.

I picked this book up last year while in Indianapolis, near midnight in a Barnes and Noble. Tired and ready for a good book to jump off the shelf, this book, The Hourglass Door, caught my eye. Ever the book cover judge, I was ultimately intrigued by its award status, ForeWord Reviews’ Book of the Year Award Winner. I’m never one to pay close attention to awards, in a sense it doesn’t make or break whether I read it. However, this impressed me as The Hourglass Door is Lisa Mangum’s first book.

At times the book is very evidently a first book; what with character’s banter back and forth and predictability. I am, though, somewhat of a dialogue junky and can be quite picky. Lisa Mangum has a great gift for writing poetic like analogies. She won me over with her descriptions of feelings and settings. I would have liked a better balance between the maturity of the mental musings of Abby and the overall story. She seemed misplaced for the world around her. I don’t believe that was intentional, but I could be wrong.

It is very refreshing to read a YA novel that is not drowning in sexual overdrive. There is romance, but it fits with the story, as well as the characters themselves. To make a sort of intentional nonsense comment “It is nice to read a ‘nice’ book.”

I will be reading her other books. I look forward to following her career in the writing world.

For more information about Lisa and her books checkout her website:
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