Monday, July 19, 2010

History...I've written...just not here.

I've been good about scribbling little musings on scrap paper, but I've neglected to post anything in forever. Not sure what my punishment should be, but I'll leave that up to you. :)

Old posts:
Written 15, April, 2010

It feels as though my mind has been wading through a thick fog for some time. I’m truly amazed I can even focus at all to do the menial tasks that I am called upon to do every day. I keep hoping that I’ll come to the bend in the road where I can choose to get off the mind fog path. Until then I’m stuck where I’m at. I’m sure it doesn’t help that the majority of my reading selections lately have been what I refer to as fu fu books, otherwise known as mind fluff.

There really is no excuse for picking such books. I have over 500 books in my personal library that I have not read. However, do you ever come to the point when something has accumulated beyond reason and you look at it with this sick feeling in the pit of your stomach…oh my gosh what did I set myself up for? Where do I even begin? That’s where I’m at. I have no clue what book I should pick to read first. It doesn’t help that I have various avenues producing more books for me to add to my library. Shut the door!!!! Just say no!!! Have you lost your mind? I can’t turn a book away. I must be like a dragon hording away its treasure with no thoughts or plans of what to do with the ever mounting wealth. You have to love that comparison. I’m a dragon.

Written 25, May, 2010

If I didn’t know better I’d think I was becoming a hermit. Why might I ask, is that a bad thing?
My trip to Chicago this past weekend, for the Green Festival, is proof positive that this is quite
possibly true. Every time I’m in Chicago (or big cities for that matter) I find myself eager to seek
refuge from the world. I have reverse small town girl wants to escape to the big city. I have,
small town girl wants to escape to an even smaller town. Oh let’s say no neighbors for 25 plus
miles or better yet in the mountains with trees (and native wildlife) as my only neighbors. Cities
are just not my cup of tea and the older I get the less I enjoy social interaction with humans. I
think the explanation for this, is that I don’t understand people or actually that I use to think
I understood them, but now I realize I never did. The desire to live in the city, I will never
understand. That’s my soap box for the day.

Purchases from the weekend:
Coco Loco Earrings (I buy a pair every year.)

The worst place and at the same time best place to be when grounded from buying books is a 3 story Borders. I couldn’t locate the YA section and that’s when I discovered a 3rd floor. If I hadn’t been on a time crunch and had more buying freedom I could easily have spent hours there. They had by far the largest YA section I’ve seen in a while. I did buy (he he he) 3 books despite book probation, one for Elyza and two for me. I have a good excuse for one of mine. It was in the bargain bin, hard back, and only $3.00. No brainer!

I should be reading the book, A Tramp for the Lord by Corie Ten Boom, but I haven’t started it yet. My fingers do a good twitching impersonation worthy of Dennis Menace when I look at or think of other books I could be reading. I know I need to stick to my read five buy two plan. Of course that was thrown to the wind when I bought two books in Chicago. I haven’t read anything at all, book or otherwise for a while. That might be why my sanity is in question at the moment :). Buckle under Maddie and get to reading! It isn’t healthy to not be reading…

Shop day and I spent it playing Kakuro (blush). I managed to finish 2 ¾ puzzles. Hey! That’s no small task I’ll have you know. It is what I needed though, something to quietly content my mind to focus on.
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