Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Tutorial: Christmas So Soon

This is a for fun post. I'm a list person, if I haven't mentioned that before, and I thought let's show'em how Christmas lists work in my family. It is a very basic concept, one I'm claiming to have invented, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been done before. (insert smile)

Several years ago I was tired of the same ole' same ole' boring Christmas lists. I decided it was time to jazz things up a bit and organize. Lists after all are the epitome of organization (wink, wink) and Santa doesn't just need organization . . . he demands it! I didn't realize my 'new' concept would go over so well with my family, but it did and we still use this method every year.

What you need:

- 1 piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper, any color (I'm using white this year, though I typically like to have colored paper to be festive. In the past I have even used lined notebook paper.)
- Markers, Colored Pencils, or crayons, etc.

Paper of choice . . .

My camera did not like the idea of focusing on a blank white space.

 Fold paper in half, landscape wise . . .

Camera did like focusing on my woven bracelet. (insert grin)

Unfold paper and take each side (landscape wise) and fold to the creased middle . . .

End result should be three creases/folds equaling four vertical columns . . .

The next part you can get super creative (markers, colored pencils, etc) with or just use your printer. I did both, but I will probably keep the one that I colored with my Zebra gel pens from Staples.

The colored one I left folded accordion style and doodled 'Maddie's Christmas List' using the graphite transfer method. I'm a typography nut and while I have nice printed handwriting, the nut in me likes the use of a font . . . hence the graphite transfer method.

My transfer is a bit wobbled as I have caffeine in my system and didn't pick the easiest font to transfer with shaking hands. (insert grin)

On the printed one I eyeballed where the text would appear on the paper verses the computer screen. You want the font to appear on the outside of your list in the second column. Make sure you load your paper correctly! This one will open like a brochure, but you can print on it so that it will open accordion style as well (in that case you print in the first outer column, instead of the second). I prefer this fold over the accordion style, but I wasn't thinking and began transferring before I realized how it would turn out.

I used the font Broadway.
Now for the inside! 

This next/final step is based largely on personal preference. If you are a list junky, this method can be contained even better within the columns! I like to categorize my Christmas items based on where my passions lie in life and I use that with the columns. Of course Books is one and always the first! (insert grin) You can utilize all of the columns, even the outside ones (which would be seven in total). However, I only use the inside four and it does limit you on space. In the past my Book column has overflowed onto the back and once I even stapled an additional piece of paper to that section (guilty bibliophile here!).

My other columns:

- Music
- Movies
- Misc. - My fourth column is always miscellaneous. This can and does encompass a VERY wide spectrum of items. In the past it has included a bookshelf, a new pillow case, a husband (still waiting Santa), a baby (yeah still waiting for that too) and other odds and ends. (insert big grin)

Your list is finished!

I like to keep my lists from year to year, that way I can add what I didn't get from the previous year onto the new list. I can also see how my tastes changed or stayed the same. There is one thing I've been asking for, for at least 3 years . . . maybe this is finally the year!

You may think it is early for a Christmas list and I do agree with you . . . just a little bit. However, I have siblings and parents who have been demanding a list since October. They are early shoppers. Me? I'm more the last minute shopper . . . I know bad.

This was my first tutorial. If you have suggestions or 'kind' criticism be my guest and comment! Okay if your criticism isn't kind, you can still comment. (insert smile)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: The Key to Conformity

I'm starting today's post a little differently. It is time for a little bragging! Well in edition to bragging, I wouldn't be where I'm at if it wasn't for followers, random stumblers and the diehards out there. I recently hit over 20,000 views on my blog! (victory dance) In addition I'm breaths away from 2,000 followers on Google+, recently bypassed the 400 mark on Twitter, and have almost reached 10,000 views on Flickr! I'm ecstatic and I realize some of these numbers may seem low to others, especially for how long I've been active on these sites, but even the 'little' landmarks mean something to little ole me. Thank you for sticking with me and even joining me along the way!


Often times when people find out that I have a blog they want to know right off, "Well (insert the skeptic voice over)...what do you blog about?" Then I precede to the list the topics. Unfortunately, I've allowed myself only time for Tuesday's posts lately, which means TATTOOS. I guess this comes as a shock to some as my flesh is naked of the ink that beckons to it. I even admitted recently that the idea of sleeves is very alluring. I want a tattoo. I want tattoos. I know what I want. I know where I want it. I know who I want to do it (and in my case there are two someones).

However, there are so many arguments and hold ups in the bag that it is difficult to sort between the do's and the don'ts. Whose views do you conform to? Which or what voice do you listen to? I'm still pondering these questions and my biggest thing is pay attention to what would be pleasing to God. I know what some say about tattoos and I realize it is more than just a decision of whose side are you on. It is ongoing thing to pray about, but in the meantime I'm trying to accomplish other goals that lead to the tattoo stage (for I guess I'm saying don't let your tattoo be an act of revolting against one sides views and don't get a tattoo to . . . to get a tattoo. That is your 'sage' advice for the day, if you can call it that. (insert smile)

I'm not sure if the above had anything to do with today's tattoos; it was just something on my mind I wanted to share with you.

Another featured tattoo by Deanna Wardin @Tattoo Boogaloo

I am a proclaimed Haiku Hater. We have a club, did you know? Perhaps it comes from having to write the blasted things in poetry class, but the poems aren't my cup of tea. The minute I saw this tattoo I was jealous and had to retract my previous hatred for ALL haikus.

Never forget:
we walk on hell,
gazing at flowers.

The lettering is gorgeous and placement is surprising, but I find myself liking it more for that reason. Flower detail and coloring, nothing short of awesome! I have no idea what the haiku actually means, but this is how I interpret it (yes as a Christian...don't roll your eyes!); the world in which I or we live in is the only hell some of us may ever know, but the knowledge that someday we will be in heaven is our 'gazing at flowers' moment and/or experiencing the moments that make life bearable here on earth. (Get a closer view of the tattoo by clicking here.)

Other Features for today:
Tattoo by Musa
I'm falling in love with abstract tattoos. I can't help myself! The weirder they are . . . the better!

Tattoo by Cody Eich @Studio 13, His comment (from Tumblr) about this tattoo:
This piece was inspired by some of the painterly tattoos coming out of Europe as of late.
Again with the abstract! The colors really make this tattoo for me. The tattoo artist, Cody Eich, is even in my backyard (kinda, sorta). He inks in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I found this tattoo via my sister on Pinterest. Then I followed the links to a brand new favorite blog. She also has a Tattoo Tuesday post on her blog each week! Check out Tiffany's blog at Drops of Jupiter!

Of course placement is awesome and 'veiny' (Is that a word?) arms doesn't hurt either. I'm sorry I have to say this . . . Plaid! He is wearing plaid!!!!! I like this tattoo also because it makes me super curious as to the reasoning behind getting it. Blue plaid boy where are you? (insert big grin)

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
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