Thursday, October 29, 2009

I take it back...

Several weeks ago I was at the library searching out a particular book (I should really be reading books from my personal library. It was a goal for this year, but it has run away much like many of my other good intentions.). I was bound not to find the book. I only had two things to go on, white binding and a female assassin on the cover. I was never meant to find it, although I now know the title and author of said book.* Well I was looking in the vicinity I had seen my friend pick this book up in, which somehow led me to the romance section. You know me, I tend to pick books to read by their covers. I pulled one from the shelve to glance at it and I couldn’t put it back.** The cover shows a young woman in a regency era gown, you the audience are looking over her shoulder at a party, Indiscretion by Jude Morgan. More like intriguing, right? I took it home and it sat in my smaller to be read pile beside my bed, while I finished binging on vampire books (only for the moment).

Despite being in the midst of 2 other books, Cranioklepty by Colin Dickey and Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell, I picked it up to read. I will admit switching from the fast pace plot of a modern day vampire novel to a regency, a little slow, novel was hard. I kept looking at my to be read pile out of the corner of my eye thinking I’ll just put it down and come back to it.*** No! I couldn’t, that’s what I have done with Cranioklepty and Cranford (Sorry Mrs. Gaskell, rubbish is sometimes so fun to indulge in, I promise to get back to you soon.). I stuck to it and much to my chagrin I just finished today. Jude Morgan did a splendid job and I wish the story could have gone on and on. A little synopsis (for I don’t really like giving any at all, my good opinion should be enough!#):

Caroline Fortune, who is not at all rich, is the daughter of a military man who is headed to debtors prison if he doesn’t think up something quick. While he is a good sort, it is obvious Caroline is the true brains of this operation. Her father hits on the ‘good’ idea of having her become the companion to an elderly, rich, dragon of a lady. That’s not where it ends though. Gossip, rakes, hardships, trouble, country bumpkins, friendships, and love...eventually, are Caroline’s lot in life.

There! How was that? Did I wet your appetite?

I didn’t think having a main character named Caroline would lend itself to the story. The name carries somewhat of a venomous feeling. Not after this story though, I’m convinced that I want a friend just like Caroline. Also I’d like to ask the author where I might find Mr. Stephen Milner (you’ll have to read the book to know). He was quite delightful. I want to walk to my door and find him waiting to have a meaty (thoroughly mind building is what I mean) banter of a conversation. I’m quite in love, shame it is with someone on paper.

I come to the end of it...I was horribly wrong and the book, it was wonderful. If you don’t believe me do these 2 things. One, read it! Two take into consideration that I rarely (really never) feel at liberty to share this much about a book I’ve read. Also one other thing, this isn’t a life changing book. It is simply a good story. Usually I’m this enthused by a book right after reading, so enthused I sound a little (clearing throat) crazy maybe. When I’m enthused (how many bloody times can I use the word enthused!), I go a little overboard. If you read it and say what the... was Maddie thinking, you have my permission to give me a lecture about the consequences of getting people’s hopes up. I think you’ll like the book though. I will and must find more Jude Morgan books! For my mother’s sake it was nothing like Jane Austen. Quite a breath of fresh air in comparison.##
Does it shock you to know Jude Morgan (really Tim Wilson) is a man? For some reason it did me, but no more. I am converted. :)

* Biting the Bullet (Jaz Parks series) by Jennifer Rardin. I have now learned this is book three and would have done me no good. The series (vampires!) is 6 books so far, eeek!

** I still don't understand why this book was shelved with romance.

*** Much like a child who gets a new toy, but keeps seeing little Suzy next door with a newer and cooler toy. I have to have it, forget about what I already have, I want it!

# I sound snobby, but I’m joking.

## My mom has read some Jane Austen and has been fairly turned off. I keep trying to convince her to read Sense and Sensibility because it so good, but she won’t. I do admit that Jane Austen isn’t all she’s cracked up to be. Hey! Don’t throw any stones. I didn’t say she wasn’t good, just well, uh...oh never mind.
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