Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Tutorial: Christmas So Soon

This is a for fun post. I'm a list person, if I haven't mentioned that before, and I thought let's show'em how Christmas lists work in my family. It is a very basic concept, one I'm claiming to have invented, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been done before. (insert smile)

Several years ago I was tired of the same ole' same ole' boring Christmas lists. I decided it was time to jazz things up a bit and organize. Lists after all are the epitome of organization (wink, wink) and Santa doesn't just need organization . . . he demands it! I didn't realize my 'new' concept would go over so well with my family, but it did and we still use this method every year.

What you need:

- 1 piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper, any color (I'm using white this year, though I typically like to have colored paper to be festive. In the past I have even used lined notebook paper.)
- Markers, Colored Pencils, or crayons, etc.

Paper of choice . . .

My camera did not like the idea of focusing on a blank white space.

 Fold paper in half, landscape wise . . .

Camera did like focusing on my woven bracelet. (insert grin)

Unfold paper and take each side (landscape wise) and fold to the creased middle . . .

End result should be three creases/folds equaling four vertical columns . . .

The next part you can get super creative (markers, colored pencils, etc) with or just use your printer. I did both, but I will probably keep the one that I colored with my Zebra gel pens from Staples.

The colored one I left folded accordion style and doodled 'Maddie's Christmas List' using the graphite transfer method. I'm a typography nut and while I have nice printed handwriting, the nut in me likes the use of a font . . . hence the graphite transfer method.

My transfer is a bit wobbled as I have caffeine in my system and didn't pick the easiest font to transfer with shaking hands. (insert grin)

On the printed one I eyeballed where the text would appear on the paper verses the computer screen. You want the font to appear on the outside of your list in the second column. Make sure you load your paper correctly! This one will open like a brochure, but you can print on it so that it will open accordion style as well (in that case you print in the first outer column, instead of the second). I prefer this fold over the accordion style, but I wasn't thinking and began transferring before I realized how it would turn out.

I used the font Broadway.
Now for the inside! 

This next/final step is based largely on personal preference. If you are a list junky, this method can be contained even better within the columns! I like to categorize my Christmas items based on where my passions lie in life and I use that with the columns. Of course Books is one and always the first! (insert grin) You can utilize all of the columns, even the outside ones (which would be seven in total). However, I only use the inside four and it does limit you on space. In the past my Book column has overflowed onto the back and once I even stapled an additional piece of paper to that section (guilty bibliophile here!).

My other columns:

- Music
- Movies
- Misc. - My fourth column is always miscellaneous. This can and does encompass a VERY wide spectrum of items. In the past it has included a bookshelf, a new pillow case, a husband (still waiting Santa), a baby (yeah still waiting for that too) and other odds and ends. (insert big grin)

Your list is finished!

I like to keep my lists from year to year, that way I can add what I didn't get from the previous year onto the new list. I can also see how my tastes changed or stayed the same. There is one thing I've been asking for, for at least 3 years . . . maybe this is finally the year!

You may think it is early for a Christmas list and I do agree with you . . . just a little bit. However, I have siblings and parents who have been demanding a list since October. They are early shoppers. Me? I'm more the last minute shopper . . . I know bad.

This was my first tutorial. If you have suggestions or 'kind' criticism be my guest and comment! Okay if your criticism isn't kind, you can still comment. (insert smile)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: The Key to Conformity

I'm starting today's post a little differently. It is time for a little bragging! Well in edition to bragging, I wouldn't be where I'm at if it wasn't for followers, random stumblers and the diehards out there. I recently hit over 20,000 views on my blog! (victory dance) In addition I'm breaths away from 2,000 followers on Google+, recently bypassed the 400 mark on Twitter, and have almost reached 10,000 views on Flickr! I'm ecstatic and I realize some of these numbers may seem low to others, especially for how long I've been active on these sites, but even the 'little' landmarks mean something to little ole me. Thank you for sticking with me and even joining me along the way!


Often times when people find out that I have a blog they want to know right off, "Well (insert the skeptic voice over)...what do you blog about?" Then I precede to the list the topics. Unfortunately, I've allowed myself only time for Tuesday's posts lately, which means TATTOOS. I guess this comes as a shock to some as my flesh is naked of the ink that beckons to it. I even admitted recently that the idea of sleeves is very alluring. I want a tattoo. I want tattoos. I know what I want. I know where I want it. I know who I want to do it (and in my case there are two someones).

However, there are so many arguments and hold ups in the bag that it is difficult to sort between the do's and the don'ts. Whose views do you conform to? Which or what voice do you listen to? I'm still pondering these questions and my biggest thing is pay attention to what would be pleasing to God. I know what some say about tattoos and I realize it is more than just a decision of whose side are you on. It is ongoing thing to pray about, but in the meantime I'm trying to accomplish other goals that lead to the tattoo stage (for I guess I'm saying don't let your tattoo be an act of revolting against one sides views and don't get a tattoo to . . . to get a tattoo. That is your 'sage' advice for the day, if you can call it that. (insert smile)

I'm not sure if the above had anything to do with today's tattoos; it was just something on my mind I wanted to share with you.

Another featured tattoo by Deanna Wardin @Tattoo Boogaloo

I am a proclaimed Haiku Hater. We have a club, did you know? Perhaps it comes from having to write the blasted things in poetry class, but the poems aren't my cup of tea. The minute I saw this tattoo I was jealous and had to retract my previous hatred for ALL haikus.

Never forget:
we walk on hell,
gazing at flowers.

The lettering is gorgeous and placement is surprising, but I find myself liking it more for that reason. Flower detail and coloring, nothing short of awesome! I have no idea what the haiku actually means, but this is how I interpret it (yes as a Christian...don't roll your eyes!); the world in which I or we live in is the only hell some of us may ever know, but the knowledge that someday we will be in heaven is our 'gazing at flowers' moment and/or experiencing the moments that make life bearable here on earth. (Get a closer view of the tattoo by clicking here.)

Other Features for today:
Tattoo by Musa
I'm falling in love with abstract tattoos. I can't help myself! The weirder they are . . . the better!

Tattoo by Cody Eich @Studio 13, His comment (from Tumblr) about this tattoo:
This piece was inspired by some of the painterly tattoos coming out of Europe as of late.
Again with the abstract! The colors really make this tattoo for me. The tattoo artist, Cody Eich, is even in my backyard (kinda, sorta). He inks in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I found this tattoo via my sister on Pinterest. Then I followed the links to a brand new favorite blog. She also has a Tattoo Tuesday post on her blog each week! Check out Tiffany's blog at Drops of Jupiter!

Of course placement is awesome and 'veiny' (Is that a word?) arms doesn't hurt either. I'm sorry I have to say this . . . Plaid! He is wearing plaid!!!!! I like this tattoo also because it makes me super curious as to the reasoning behind getting it. Blue plaid boy where are you? (insert big grin)

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: I'm Not A Reject

Pirates are in my blood. I'm fully convinced that in one of my past lives I was a hellion of the sea. The movies, books, sea worthy tokens, symbols, etc., you name it I'm gonna plunder the heart out of everything pirates. Who doesn't want to be a pirate and what girl doesn't dream of a pirate sweeping her off her feet? Pirates are the ultimate badass bad 'boys'.

This may come as no surprise to you, as in the past I have featured numerous tattoos with a nautical flavor, but The Goonies was (and is) one of my favorite films growing up. My cousins, siblings, and I could quote the movie in its entirety; we watched it so many times. I'm a certified Goonie with my very own "Goonies Never Say Die" t-shirt even. It is a club we all want to be a part of after all. The Goonies are all about adventure, trouble, heroics, booty, and always up for a laugh. What pirate wouldn't be proud to call a Goonie one of their own?!?

Goonies live by it and this tattoo pays awesome tribute to it, "Goonies Never Say Die!" I love the shading and colors of this tattoo. The skull is perfect with a gold-ish tone (very pirate) and the lettering of course is stunning. I especially like how the lettering is not constrained to the banner and it spills over onto the other parts of the tattoo. I wish I knew the artist.

Do you have a favorite Goonies quote?

Mouth: Mikey! Come here and make me feel like a woman. Come on, give me a nice, wet, lickery kiss.

Other Features for today:

Let's be matches! I'm a sucker for matching tattoos. It is extremely sweet, romantic, and these matching tattoos speak to me of a declaration "Be my Anchor!"

Sink or Swim tattoo by Deanna Wardin
This tattoo has a very watercolor, simple clipart feel to it, but I like that, it is not a bad thing. I like the simplicity and the color of the water is anything but boring. Deanna Wardin is a tattoo artist at Tattoo Boogaloo in San Fransico, CA. I follow her on Flickr and love her inking.

Anchor me up! Hello! It is an anchor . . . plain and simple.

“To the Hesitating Purchaser:
"If sailor tales to sailor tunes,
 Storm and adventure, heat and cold,
If schooners, islands, and maroons
 And Buccaneers and buried Gold
And all the old romance, retold,
 Exactly in the ancient way,
Can please, as me they pleased of old,
 The wiser youngsters of to-day:
-So be it, and fall on! If not,
 If studious youth no longer crave,
His ancient appetites forgot,
 Kingston, or Ballantyne the brave,
Or Cooper of the wood and wave:
 So be it, also! And may I
And all my pirates share the grave,
 Where these and their creations lie!”
~Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: ... And the Beat Goes On

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you . . . life.

My life and everything that goes with it has felt like that lately. I tossed things to the side, including blogging, hoping I'd find time, energy, and motivation to get back to 'normal'. I'm not sure I've found normal yet or if I'll ever know what that looks like, but I don't want to give up on writing. It is one of the few things that makes me tick.

Reality checks can be harsh, especially when it is someone else slapping you in the face with it. We are selfish beings from the day we are born. I know I need to snap out of my mode of thinking often and realize "Hello! It goes on . . . life and you need to stop you're bawling!" Do a mental stamping of your foot with me, "But I don't want to!" Did it work? Do you feel better? No? I didn't think it would help, but still try to get out of the repetitive cycle that tells you "I can't." You will feel better I promise or if you would like, host a pity party. I'm there, if you have cupcakes with sprinkles. (insert commiserating smile)

It seems like it should be that simple, right? Life goes on . . .

Other Features for today:

Do you know what Teamé means? I didn't either and so I used my handy dandy . . . Google Translator. If I'm correct in deciphering this tattoo, that it does indeed read 'Teamé' and if Google Translator is correct . . . Teamé is Estonian for 'Know'. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. However, just from what I'm seeing of this guy . . . I would most definitely like to know him. Well at least meet him. Great tattoo and I'm digging the gauges.

Jared Leto! Here's a guy who can always wear eyeliner and it is fine by me. (insert big grin) I have seen these symbols before and tossed them aside quickly as "Something evil." Well no more! I decided to look up the intriguing and attractive triangles (can I touch them?). What did I find? They are the Greek elemental symbol for 'air'. I suppose they could still be considered pagan by some, but at least the triangle with a line symbol isn't something demonic. Of course if you were walking behind Jared Leto this symbol could be 'earth' too . . . Never mind I don't have a clue. I decided to check further online and I'm even more confused, but hey it is Jared Leto.

A tattoo in the sketching stage I like the overall tattoo, but I would probably drop the roses. I'm not a rose person. Give me a 'heart' any day though!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: Don't Give In

“Don't give in to your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart.”
~Paulo Coelho
I'm sure I've written about fear here on my blog before. As I was contemplating the direction of today's post I let my emotions play the part of compass. I have heard it said and even told myself that fear is a good motivator, but I find more often than not, fear is a prison. It is the hitch in your chest as a thought causes your next breath to stop midway on its escape. It is the excuse to stay put where you are, even though you want to jump over that hurdle and blast it to kingdom come while you’re at it. Fear is a poison that can and will continue to corrupt, if you allow it. I know because frequently I allow fear to 'motivate' me into inaction.
Thanks to Jeff Vinson for posting this tattoo on his Google+. Hopefully he doesn't
mind me featuring it on today's Tattoo Tuesday.
I have no easy answer for you. If I did I would follow the advice myself. Heck I'd bottle and sell it if I did! Some of you might not like me spouting scripture and band-aid like platitudes, but I have an answer nonetheless; one I even struggle to apply to my own life. Trust. It's not a four letter word, but it is just as hard to swallow. I feel like a hypocrite writing this because I can't follow this at times, but trust; trust that the Lord can and will get you through these times of fear. As the tattoo simply states: Fear IS a LIAR.
Quote this to yourself:
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.
~Philippians 4:8
I can't see fear falling into any of those categories, can you?
Other Features for today:

heart tattoo
Tattoo and Photo credit goes to Deanna Wardin on Flickr here.
I want to destroy something beautiful. ~Fight Club
Awesome detail (clean and simple), typography and a heart, what more could I ask for? I like the flying paper planes too. (insert smile)
Cut me lose and let me live . . . no strings attached please!
She is a rare breed, matter fact,
she's an endangered species.
her heart’s been broken and just
like mine it remains in pieces.
But every time we’re near each
other smile is all we can do,
Our shattered souls intertwine,
I know I’ve felt the same agonizing
pain that she’s been through.
I find comfort in her grasp
so I reach out with both arms…
If you can tell me where this poem originated (you must back it up with sources folks) I will kiss you! Okay I will not kiss you, but you will get a prize of some sort. (insert smile)
I like the tattoo because of the poem, but I'm not sure I like the placement. I realize you are limited when the poem or words are this long. However, I couldn't walk around with a backless shirt all the time (or ever really) and how else are people going to see my tattoo?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: Honest to goodness

I have this theory. Caffeine is alive. It thinks. It breathes. It plots against me. Caffeine knows I crave it and that I can at times become an emotional, havoc causing, sputtering, truth 'sayer' in its wake. Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember . . . and all that jazz. I'm not making much sense, am I? It is the Caffeine I tell you!

I guess I'm saying Caffeine causes me to be honest, leaving me vulnerable and likely to tell you things I am better off letting sleep in my subconscious for me alone to dwell on. I'm in a contemplative mood (thanks Caffeine) and liking the walk down memory lane my mind keeps taking me to. All my tattoos for today remind me of someone, evoking a sense of freedom, recklessness and playfulness. I always want to bottle those attributes and horde them to myself. I tend not to be good at sharing the things I love.

The typography nut in me loves this tattoo! This tattoo makes me think of trying to capture a wild horse out on the frontier of America. I may desire to capture that freedom and take it away with me, but the very thing I long for--the chaotic 'mess', the creature that throws 'look before you leap' to the wind in favor of pushing the limits and expectations and the ability to make each day an adventure of the unknown--I can't bind it to my heart without losing in the process. I don't want to tame it. I want to go wild with it!

Other Features for today:

Sweet and simple. It is always nice to have the 'simple' reminder to smile. There are so many sayings that go along with smiling and so many memories.

Smile . . . you never know who is watching.

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ~Dr. Seuss

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” ~Mother Teresa

So let's smile :) . . .

Take that cigarette out of your mouth! (insert grin) Why do smoking pictures always have this level of 'oh so hot' attached them? (pun not intended) I mean I know it is bad for you and I will never smoke, but still . . . Look at me I'm only talking about the cigarette and after all, This Is Art. (insert 'innocent' grin)

“If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.”
~Virginia Woolf

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mundane Mondays: Pack and Play

Tomorrow I leave for Maryland, a business trip. Ergo I stayed home today for prep and relaxation. Oh the joys of beauty chores; shaving legs, painting nails, and more. Painting nails? Some weeks ago my Mum convinced me that painting my nails was the pretty thing to do. Well pretty or not, it is tedious and now so ingrained in my subconscious that at the end of a week it is time to hunt down the new color. Painted nails means no trimming of the nails and no trimming means a nail file is your new best friend. Do you realize how hard it is to do menial tasks such as texting with long nails?!? I know, I know  . . . priorities Maddie! Every time I start to complain about the text issue the ever popular meme pops up in my head, "First world problems." I shut my mouth and move on, beauty is 'pain' after all, but why oh why do I continue with it?

I should be packing, but instead I'm sitting outside writing this post. However, in the back of my mind I am compiling my 'must haves' for this trip. We are driving and I have never been to Maryland. Thus I have no clue the number of hours I will be trapped in the car. This means go prepared! Right off I know I will be packing . . . books!

  • Tam Lin by Pamela Dean - Poor thing, I've set it aside numerous times lately for affairs with other 'page turners'. It really is time to finish what I started.
  • Tiger's Destiny by Colleen Houck - Book four is finally here! I let my friend Anna borrow it to read it first, as she introduced me to the series. After some of her comments/reactions to it, I'm as anxious as ever to read it!
  • Non-fiction Nonsense - I've been basking in the arms of Fiction for . . . too long . . . I need to mix things up a bit. I'm not sure what I will grab yet.
  • Kindle - Yep the soul sucker is coming along for the ride. After a comment from someone I am now the 'proud' holder of numerous reviewer eBooks. It is time to get busy! Of course the real books hold precedence on this trip.

After books, we have the bag of goodies we like to call at my house the "Keep busy bag." It is a treasure trove of attention diverters and time passer-by helpers.

  • Journals - My soul and thoughts.
  • Notebooks - "Notebooks are for notes, not for kissing." My writing and blogging.
  • At least 2 issues of Snowboarder Magazine
  • iPod - Let's face it, me without my music is like a zombie without the sustenance of fresh brains . . . not tolerable or fun to watch. Unless of course you are watching your mortal enemies (of whom I have many, we are sure) being chased down by the brain hunger buggers. Then we are cheering them on. This is not the case, however, with a music starved me. You will be the one screaming. (insert grin)
  • Knitting - undecided
  • Possibly an issue or two of Alt Press - It just depends if  I want the added flavor.

You never know what I might toss in the bag. A girl has to be prepared for anything! Oh yes, my camera will of course accompany me. He (Calvin) has a front row seat!

I will be in Baltimore for Expo East (Natural Products Expo). I'm told this expo is the size of 3 or 4 football fields. Bring on the samples! If you are there come say hello. I'm not going to tell you what booth I am working. That would take the fun out of it. Just look for the girl with crazy long curly hair. I'm told I look like Merida from Brave. Good luck!

I wonder if Expo East has a bookstore booth . . .

Friday, September 14, 2012

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many--no--fifty things..."

“For some of us, books are as important as almost anything else on earth. What a miracle it is that out of these small, flat, rigid squares of paper unfolds world after world after world, worlds that sing to you, comfort and quiet or excite you. Books help us understand who we are and how we are to behave. They show us what community and friendship mean; they show us how to live and die.” 
~Anne Lamott

I caught myself wandering in the realm of 'being baffled', by questions coworkers were asking me yesterday. First off I'm the youngest employee where I work. I've worked here since graduating from high school, so the stigma of "Oh she's the 'baby'," sort of follows me wherever I go, especially as I've known my employer since I was 9 years old. At times it bothers me, but it can't be helped. Second, I'm inexperienced and have lots of learning and rocks to turn over in the world. Third, I'm typically conservative and quiet in nature . . . well amongst my acquaintances. The real deal folks are who see the real me, otherwise it is a waste of time, energy and vulnerability I have no desire to test any further.

Those observations aside . . . I was wondering why coworkers decided to ask me about 50 Shades of Grey. Oh 50 Shades, with all your delicate and gruesome subject matter, "Yes, let's ask Maddie, because I'm sure she will have the answers you are seeking. Either that or we'll get to see Maddie blush a thousand shades of crimson when we have her cornered." This is not subject matter for the work place folks . . . let alone ME. You try explaining what . . . yeah . . . is to your eager/waiting coworkers is and then wondering why you even know this stuff to begin with. I felt like a bumbling idiot and yes I blushed! :P

I have NOT read 50 Shades of . . . 'waste of my time'. I truly have no desire to do so for many reasons. However, I read and read and read until I'm a little grey faced myself, the numerous critical reviews, articles, funny parodies and whatnot. No, not because deep down I crave a torrent affair with the book. I crave knowledge, I own a used bookstore and obviously people find it necessary to ask me questions about books. I have to equip myself somehow, so I read everything there is to know about the book. Perhaps you view that as wrong. How can I form an opinion of a book without reading it? It is one of those cases; I don't need to taste shit to know it tastes bad. 

Anne Lamott says in the quote above, “For some of us, books are as important as almost anything else on earth.” Maybe this is why people ask me, because they realize this is true about me. And maybe this is why I won’t read 50 Shades, but everything else about it.

Last Thoughts
I'm also intrigued by the comments from many people, complete with dazed expressions:

"I don't know why I read it. It was poorly written and basically bound for the trash, but I couldn't put it down. I loved it!"

What makes this book different from any other erotica book out there? Erotica and all the other sordid content that comes with 50 Shades didn't come on the scene when E.L. James penned her story. It has been around the block a time or two . . . so why now the sudden bump with popularity; the sudden acceptance of not only trashy content, but ill used synonyms and 'rip your hair out' worthy analogies? Why are people (notice I'm not singling out the women) so eager to be led to the slaughter?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: Jane by Robin Maxwell

"Waiting On" Wednesday spotlights upcoming releases that everyone's excited about (created by Jill at Breaking The Spine.)

WoW: Jane by Robin Maxwell

Scheduled to be released: September 18, 2012

Why I'm waiting: 
My sister recommended this book to me on Goodreads* a few weeks ago.  
Tarzan is among my top 10 favorite Disney films of all time. I've seen the original Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes and liked it too. My laptop is named Burroughs after Edgar Rice Burroughs. Are we seeing a pattern here?

Perhaps my love of the jungle and living in the wild spawns from daydreaming while watching The Swiss Family Robinson growing up. I would watch it over and over. I never wanted to see them leave the island and I was desperate to find myself on a ship destined for a shipwreck. Do you think a real estate agent can help with tree house property listings?

I have never been apt to read stories from the male perspective. I find that I relate better to a female narrator/protagonist. Gee I wonder why? This is the main reason why a new take on the story is so exciting to me! The author even received permission from the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate to write this book. She can take that to the bank! Let's celebrate the 100 years of Tarzan by reading from Jane's point of view! I can't wait!!!

Book Synopsis:
Synopsis from Goodreads
Cambridge, England: 1905. Jane Porter is hardly a typical woman of her time. The only female student in Cambridge University’s medical program, she is far more comfortable in a lab coat, dissecting corpses, than she is in a corset and gown, sipping afternoon tea. A budding paleoanthropologist, Jane dreams of travelling the globe in search of fossils that will prove the evolutionary theories of her scientific hero, Charles Darwin.

When dashing American explorer Ral Conrath invites Jane and her father on an expedition deep into West Africa, she can hardly believe her luck. Rising to the challenge, Jane finds an Africa that is every bit exotic and fascinating as she has always imagined. But she quickly learns that the lush jungle is full of secrets—and so is Ral Conrath. When danger strikes, Jane finds her hero, the key to humanity’s past, and an all-consuming love in one extraordinary man: Tarzan of the Apes.
Be sure to add Jane to your Goodreads! 

*You didn't know my sister was on Goodreads?!? Well check out her shelves! She reads all the time and has great taste. (insert wink)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: Give a little bit ... of YOUR love

Some days I eat, sleep, and breathe (even scream) hope, albeit a few folks around me view it as 'foolish' hope. I like to attribute my hope to two things. One, it is my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will be the first to admit that I am no prime example for the 'perfect' Christian, far from it, but I know where my hope is supposed to come from. I need smacked around and drug through the mud sometimes to remember . . . the hard way, but I know. Two, I'm a dreamer. We are prone to expecting the impossible and dreaming up the schemes that require so much hope you better be sucking the 'hope lollipop' like a fiend. (insert grin)

Walk in Hope.
'Walk in Hope' by {Jk} qc

Behold, the eye of the LORD [is] upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy; To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine. Our soul waiteth for the LORD: he [is] our help and our shield. For our heart shall rejoice in him, because we have trusted in his holy name. Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in thee.
Psalms 33:18-22 (NIV)
The placement of this tattoo and the typography make for an awesome tattoo. It is memorable and speaks of a destination we all may seek. I know I do.
Other Features for today:

Wish it away . . . I'm still deciding if this is paint
or a tattoo. Regardless it is cool and all the black (nails too)
makes it stand out. I'd like to think the flowers are dandelions . . .
because they are my favorite.

Hear that little bump, bump . . . that's where the heart is.
It's obvious, with my love of music, why I picked this tattoo.
Put your heart in hand . . .
Sweet and simple

Music for the moment:
Listening to everything by Walk the Moon! I just got their album in the mail today, but I already knew I loved their music.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A dash, a pinch, a sprinkling of sprinkles

There is something about sprinkles that evokes in me a longing for my childhood. In fact when I see sprinkles I suddenly feel transported to that innocent time where running down a shopping aisle screaming at the top of your lungs was considered cute to the strangers looking on. While you're Mum look liked she might make use of the prison like bars of the cart if you didn't stop causing such a commotion . . . over sprinkles nonetheless.

Even now when I find myself dessert whoring (yes you heard me correctly), I can't help thinking "Let's add SPRINKLES!" When I'm in line at Cold Stone Creamery, spending an exorbitant amount of money on ice cream*, I have to debate am I in a coffee mood, Coffee Lovers Only, or a sprinkle mood, Birthday Cake Remix? Once I've decided sprinkle mood, it is all I can do not to shout at the adolescent creating my dessert masterpiece, "ADD MORE SPRINKLES! NOW!" I don't want to frighten the poor dear into dropping MY precious frozen delight on the floor and then wait while they start again. My patience is far too tasked, as it is people!

Sprinkles are an odd topic for a blog post, I realize, but I have an explanation. By now, though, I would think you know this is what you get with me. Strange. (insert grin)

Last week my camera arrived! I have named him . . . Calvin. I had already been brainstorming about the various photo projects I would try before he arrived. On Wednesday I started my first challenge, 'Let's FACE it'. As the description on my Flickr set reads,

"Calvin has arrived and has already begun working his creative power on my eyes and senses. Who is Calvin? My new camera (yes I name electronics), a Canon Rebel T3i to be precise. 'Let's FACE it' is a 30 day photo project I began brainstorming about even before Calvin arrived. All the pictures feature my face and/or a focus of namely my eyes. No I'm not vain, just find face photography intriguing and invigorating . . . a challenge. This camera is a BIG step for me and I'm learning. I guess I'm saying go easy on me and if you want to . . . offer some advice. Enjoy!"

Yesterday was day three and I'm sitting here typing this post, biding my time until Mum arrives. I need her advice. I have too many pictures of last night's photo session to decide which one is Flickr Photo worthy. However, I also wanted to post here some of the less unfortunate photos and the aftermath of what sprinkles do . . . to your face.

Sprinkles in your nose . . . not pleasant.

Sprinkles in your ears . . . colorful compared to earwax.

Sprinkles in your eyes . . . horrid, as the pictures will attest to.

Sprinkles in your mouth . . . not bad at all.

Cleaning up sprinkles . . . not fun. I think I need to hire a maid for these photo sessions.

Skin reaction to sprinkles and the 'gluing' agent used . . . I looked like I sat in a tanning bed too long. Instead of coming out a bronze goddess, I came out a blotchy red mess.

The Aftermath:

My makeup slave extraordinaire!:

Mum hiding . . . not too hard to do in my hair.

Sprinkles in my eyes:



All photos in this post belong to me, ©MadMadelyne. Please respect my creative design(s) by not stealing and I will keep sharing! Thank you!

*Thank goodness there is not one near me. Otherwise, I would need to do much more rationalizing in my life than I already do.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Let the Opportunity Arise . . . Book Review

Book Review Time!

Book: The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher
Format: eBook (purchased from Amazon for my Kindle)
Finished: September 6, 2012
Rating: 5 stars!

What an emotional rollercoaster!

Often times when reading I try desperately to personify my judgment, decisions, or reactions onto the various characters, that I’m left frustrated and disappointed. I’m waving, stomping my foot, even screaming “Go here! Do that,” as though they will listen and heed my ‘wise’ advice. The Opportunist flaunted its raw and honest intent in my face. It made the choices I would scream for, but never have the courage to enact in my own circumstances. The very fact that Olivia can, in her own words, admit over and over again that “I’m a bad person,” is so refreshing. You the reader nod in agreement, but you don’t hate her. In fact she captured my attention so thoroughly I didn’t care about her claims. I cared she was so true to the nature of this beast we call human.

I’m not going to spoil the ending, but I feel so lost between wanting to cry and feeling a sense of relief, happiness even. Perhaps I will cry for the realism that I didn’t necessarily want, even though I say otherwise at times, and be happy with the gripping honesty. That a story can provoke such an emotion akin to mutual understanding and acceptances to their choices; the very choices that are evil in intent, yet we grapple with deciding do what feels right and what is right.

I was expecting a sappy, predictable, romance fluff novel. I’m glad to know my expectations were so far off their mark.

“I think that after the first time you give your heart away, you never get it back. The rest of your life is just your pretending that you still have a heart.”

Scary words, yet I still find myself careening into them, searching, hoping . . .

Tarryn Fisher. Well done.

Be sure to add The Opportunist to your Goodreads!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: Be ye not afraid to FALL

What is your favorite season?

It used to be I answered that question with a quick nod at my man Fall. Now Fall is first, but Winter is a close second. Autumn colors, smells, sounds, tantalizing tastes and more. I like the cold and fire. It would seem that with Fall you get cold, but not so much so you have to seek hibernation too soon. The fire surrounds you; whether you drive by the country folk burning their leaves, you're roasting marshmallows in the backyard or you watch the trees kiss the sky with their flames . . . the fire is everywhere.

Look closely what else can you see?

Other Features for today:

Ahhh the deceiving notion of perfection.

Can I get witness?
Albeit a fake tattoo from Tattly, but cool nonetheless.

If I lead will you follow?
(More for the picture than the tattoos...guilty.)

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” 
~Henry David Thoreau
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