Saturday, September 8, 2012

A dash, a pinch, a sprinkling of sprinkles

There is something about sprinkles that evokes in me a longing for my childhood. In fact when I see sprinkles I suddenly feel transported to that innocent time where running down a shopping aisle screaming at the top of your lungs was considered cute to the strangers looking on. While you're Mum look liked she might make use of the prison like bars of the cart if you didn't stop causing such a commotion . . . over sprinkles nonetheless.

Even now when I find myself dessert whoring (yes you heard me correctly), I can't help thinking "Let's add SPRINKLES!" When I'm in line at Cold Stone Creamery, spending an exorbitant amount of money on ice cream*, I have to debate am I in a coffee mood, Coffee Lovers Only, or a sprinkle mood, Birthday Cake Remix? Once I've decided sprinkle mood, it is all I can do not to shout at the adolescent creating my dessert masterpiece, "ADD MORE SPRINKLES! NOW!" I don't want to frighten the poor dear into dropping MY precious frozen delight on the floor and then wait while they start again. My patience is far too tasked, as it is people!

Sprinkles are an odd topic for a blog post, I realize, but I have an explanation. By now, though, I would think you know this is what you get with me. Strange. (insert grin)

Last week my camera arrived! I have named him . . . Calvin. I had already been brainstorming about the various photo projects I would try before he arrived. On Wednesday I started my first challenge, 'Let's FACE it'. As the description on my Flickr set reads,

"Calvin has arrived and has already begun working his creative power on my eyes and senses. Who is Calvin? My new camera (yes I name electronics), a Canon Rebel T3i to be precise. 'Let's FACE it' is a 30 day photo project I began brainstorming about even before Calvin arrived. All the pictures feature my face and/or a focus of namely my eyes. No I'm not vain, just find face photography intriguing and invigorating . . . a challenge. This camera is a BIG step for me and I'm learning. I guess I'm saying go easy on me and if you want to . . . offer some advice. Enjoy!"

Yesterday was day three and I'm sitting here typing this post, biding my time until Mum arrives. I need her advice. I have too many pictures of last night's photo session to decide which one is Flickr Photo worthy. However, I also wanted to post here some of the less unfortunate photos and the aftermath of what sprinkles do . . . to your face.

Sprinkles in your nose . . . not pleasant.

Sprinkles in your ears . . . colorful compared to earwax.

Sprinkles in your eyes . . . horrid, as the pictures will attest to.

Sprinkles in your mouth . . . not bad at all.

Cleaning up sprinkles . . . not fun. I think I need to hire a maid for these photo sessions.

Skin reaction to sprinkles and the 'gluing' agent used . . . I looked like I sat in a tanning bed too long. Instead of coming out a bronze goddess, I came out a blotchy red mess.

The Aftermath:

My makeup slave extraordinaire!:

Mum hiding . . . not too hard to do in my hair.

Sprinkles in my eyes:



All photos in this post belong to me, ©MadMadelyne. Please respect my creative design(s) by not stealing and I will keep sharing! Thank you!

*Thank goodness there is not one near me. Otherwise, I would need to do much more rationalizing in my life than I already do.

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