Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: Honest to goodness

I have this theory. Caffeine is alive. It thinks. It breathes. It plots against me. Caffeine knows I crave it and that I can at times become an emotional, havoc causing, sputtering, truth 'sayer' in its wake. Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember . . . and all that jazz. I'm not making much sense, am I? It is the Caffeine I tell you!

I guess I'm saying Caffeine causes me to be honest, leaving me vulnerable and likely to tell you things I am better off letting sleep in my subconscious for me alone to dwell on. I'm in a contemplative mood (thanks Caffeine) and liking the walk down memory lane my mind keeps taking me to. All my tattoos for today remind me of someone, evoking a sense of freedom, recklessness and playfulness. I always want to bottle those attributes and horde them to myself. I tend not to be good at sharing the things I love.

The typography nut in me loves this tattoo! This tattoo makes me think of trying to capture a wild horse out on the frontier of America. I may desire to capture that freedom and take it away with me, but the very thing I long for--the chaotic 'mess', the creature that throws 'look before you leap' to the wind in favor of pushing the limits and expectations and the ability to make each day an adventure of the unknown--I can't bind it to my heart without losing in the process. I don't want to tame it. I want to go wild with it!

Other Features for today:

Sweet and simple. It is always nice to have the 'simple' reminder to smile. There are so many sayings that go along with smiling and so many memories.

Smile . . . you never know who is watching.

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ~Dr. Seuss

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” ~Mother Teresa

So let's smile :) . . .

Take that cigarette out of your mouth! (insert grin) Why do smoking pictures always have this level of 'oh so hot' attached them? (pun not intended) I mean I know it is bad for you and I will never smoke, but still . . . Look at me I'm only talking about the cigarette and after all, This Is Art. (insert 'innocent' grin)

“If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.”
~Virginia Woolf

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