Sunday, April 28, 2013

We Write to Taste Life Twice -- Wherein You Read What's Mine

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
~Anaïs Nin
Earlier today on my Google+ I bemoaned the fact that my writing has seriously been lacking. I have been encouraged to start posting more of writing to help my frantic state of creative juices and to get feedback. This is new to me. I don't typically share my writing with anyone. I have numerous reasons, but foremost is that I'm secretive and I'm afraid what I write will not be well received. Experience has taught me not to share and I'm a grudge holder, even if you--yes you sitting reading this--are not the grudge causer. There is criticism and there is destroying MY WORK beyond recognition.
From Writer's Board on Pinterest

If I take this new notion of honest and open a bit further . . . I'm also a smidgen paranoid about copyright junk. I am not saying it is steal worthy, but plagiarism is a serious business. My writing comes from a place, sometimes inspired by dark times. No one can live those times for me, nor fully understand the impact they have had (and continue to) on me physically, mentally and emotionally. Writing about it, is my way of sharing, on a small scale, what has happened. It is my job/goal as the writer/storyteller to make you the reader see, feel, taste, cry, laugh with me along the way. When you steal my words, you steal so much more. You steal my muses and I love them dearly. You steal moments and memories. You steal raw excruciating pain and while I don't mind pain leaving me, this pain stealing leaves behind far worse pain. Are you understanding how scared I am about plagiarism?
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