Monday, May 21, 2012

Mundane Mondays: Dance A Little Jig and Scream A Little Scream

Those who know me know I can dance to a song no one else can hear. Music is at times playing in my head causing me to dance little jigs of bliss because music has that effect on me. No, contrary to your first impressions of that statement, I’m not insane for hearing music no one else can hear. Though, I could be termed crazy for other reasons.

While I love talking about books, I always enjoy changing things up a bit and talking about music. Of course I can’t help bragging by telling of a recent ‘musical’ experience. Thus there is another reason for talking about music in a Mundane Mondays post.

G (my friend Anna’s brother): Maddie! I’ve met the male you.

I could have taken this many ways, but my interest was spiked.

Me: Oh? How so?

G: He is to me what you are to Anna, in terms of music suggestions.

Me: Oh? How old is this male me? Is he hot?

G: He is my age. His name is Neal. (Notice no answer was given as to his level of hotness.)

While I don’t mind younger men, there is something to be said when G, who is my youngest brother’s age, is telling me about a guy. My interest wanes of course because I’m not likely to become a cougar, even when music is hanging in the balance. I was extremely awed by G’s compliment and humbled that he thought so much of me to make such a comment.

Brag session over, I now have music recommendations to share!

The Head and The Heart - Rivers & Roads: I can't remember how I found them, but I can't get enough of their folksie sound. I especially enjoy their live sessions at The Doe Bay Sessions. Would anyone like to buy me a ticket to the next session? :)

Dr. Dog - Heart It Races: Pandora! If you had stepped into the shop Saturday you would have seen me dancing quite unabashedly to this song. I originally heard Architecture in Helsinki's version sometime ago, but I think I like this version better. You are dancing, aren't you?!?

Annaliese - Rusty: Do I watch Jane by Design? Yes, I'm guilty as charged.

Arkells - Book Club: PureVolume, thank you! What could be better than music about books? Oh yes and a song with my name in it!

You Me At Six - Save It For The Bedroom: Maybe I shouldn't like this song, but I do and the acoustic version is my favorite. I quickly bought 2 of their CDs and am frequently finding that I like ALL of their music.

Glorious Rebellion - Don't Dip The Pen In Company Ink: PureVolume...again. Fellow Hoosiers and good music to boot. Have a listen!

Till the World Ends (Cover) - I See Stars: I don't like Britany Spears' music, with the exception of Hit Me Baby One Time and Lucky (for my own reasons). However, I absolutely can't get enough of this cover. It is especially fun to blast it in my car while driving in town. Plus this wouldn't be a music post by me without one screamo song.

Now I'm off to use my iTunes gift card that someone FINALLY got me for my birthday. Do yourselves a favor and buy some music too and show your support for these artists!

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