Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: Speak with something more...

Okay internet and internet people I am very disappointed in you today. What?!? You couldn't go get some new cool tattoos for me to blog about and instead left me with all the old stuff?!? After searching and searching for a snowboarding tattoo and then a surfing tattoo, neither of which I found, I was forced to search again at random for an interesting tattoo. Sad thing is nothing is dangling like sweet fruit for me to devour today.

However. . . I did find this fake tattoo on Flickr, which would make an awesome tattoo.

Body Language
Body Language by Boy_Wonder
I'm posting the tattoo, fake though it may be, because it would make in awesome tattoo. Also because my best friend Anna is an ASL major (correct me Anna, if that is the wrong term). I would let you fend for yourselves with interpreting the letters, but I will be nice today. 'S' 'T' 'A' 'Y'  'T' 'R' 'U' 'E'

For you the tattooed and tattoo admirers, if you have tattoos you would like me to feature let me know. I especially would to feature wicked snowboarding/surfing tattoos next week if possible.

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