Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thrive Thursdays: Shoveling and Baristas

There's something to be said about best laid plans and tricking the universe with spontaneity. I'm starting to believe had I not planned my morning out earlier this week my "best laid plans" might have been in my favor. However, that's assuming my life choices have anything to do with the weather patterns. I shouldn't give myself too much that much credit.

My Thriving Thursday plans? I had planned to hang out with my sister and Calvin (my camera) at the local nature reserve. Earlier this year I visited it for the first time, since living in this area, for a senior photo session. I should not have waited so long to greet the greater outdoors, it is only a 15 minute country drive from where I live. Calvin has been weighing heavy on my conscience. He and I haven't been on speaking terms much lately. I was ready to take my Thursday and make it all about Calvin.

Rain. I love it, but today it forced an unwanted plot twist. I have been at the shop all day since cancelling. My Mum was begged upon to cover, but then the weather, as it is in the Mid-west, saw fit to change. Temperamental (sheesh).

Unexpected shop days can often be lazy days. I've read. I've knitted. I've watched some Amazon Prime. I've been thinking. I've been thinking "Damn this post isn't going to be very inspiring or thought provoking." Hold on, wait a minute...put a little love in it. (insert smile)

Yesterday was spent canning and cooking. How quaint? Exhausting is more like it, but so worth it! This got me thinking. I love a task. The hard work, effort, time and even the late night exhaustion are what make a dull Maddie so many things. Most of all? Happy.

The thinking reminded me of a story my Mum once told me. She read a book about Henry Ward Beecher and while I'm not a huge fan of his, I can appreciate his work ethic. Henry would often struggle with dark thoughts and moody times. During these 'episodes' it was to the basement with him! He would begin shoveling a pile of sand he had stored there from one end of the basement to the other. Upon finishing he felt his mind freed of his earlier conflicts.

This is why I love tasks. They keep the demons at bay. They don't leave room for the nonsense of this world to take up your time with would be cripplers. Find your shoveling task and have at it! I know it might sound funny, but laundry. Summer time and a laundry line are an I.V. of happy to my lil' ole heart.

Even though I felt a tad lazy today I did learn how to make espresso (say it with an accent and it tastes so good on your tongue). At the shop we are considering staying open late one night for shoppers and another night for knitters. I asked the owner of the coffee shop next door, he is also my landlord, if we could keep his shop open for him. This means learning new drinks. I already know how to make chai, but give me more, give me more! He said yes, so now we just have to drum up some interest. Who doesn't love books, caffeine, knitting, late nights or a combination thereof?

My baristas name? Pete Brew Babe
Thriving Moments: The mechanics of coffee :) and how to greet a blah day. Perhaps thriving can't be just happens.
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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24 
All words are pegs to hang ideas on.
~Henry Ward Beecher
Footnotes (Bells on her fingers and rings on her toes. Has anybody seen my...toe rings ;)?)
  • Today my music of choice, while writing, has been my The Glitch Mob Pandora station.
  • Knitters can also find me on Ravelry
  • Guess whose going home to listen to the Lorde album?!? Oh yeah me, me, me...

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