Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tattoo Tuesdays: Many Minds, Many Words

I have my days of internalizing. Bloody mess and an extreme annoyance, it would seem, to those around me. I am a complicated contemplative lady. I think the Proverb*, "Even a fool is thought wise...," rings a little too loudly. Of course I like to scream (mentally of course, ladies never scream or shout) "Read between the lines!"

Today I am pleading the internalize moment, think of it as pleading the fifth only less legal ramifications. (insert smile) I know I normally pull out the ole' soapbox, which never has many opportunities to collect dust, and connect the dots of the tattoos with my thoughts for the day. However, today the tattoos will be speaking for themselves. They don't need much of an introduction, as is often the case with art...it speaks for itself.

Tumblr find.

This tattoo is so reminiscent of a design I have been thinking of for my arm, I instantly "liked", "reblogged", "pinned" and I'm now sharing it with you.  I am reminded of Howard Pyle and an Art Nouveau print's love child. If I were to show this tattoo to my Mum, I know her immediate response would be "Oh let's embroider that!" Outlining detail is great. I would love to find the original artist responsible for this tattoo.

Art is not a transcript nor a copy. Art is the expression of those beauties and emotions that stir the human soul.
~ Howard Pyle
Other Features for Today:
Pinterest find
Reference, placement and clever...what's not to like? The typography could be a smidge cleaner, but this is coming from a nut. (insert wink)
Pinterest find
Three things come to mind, a Dreamcatcher meets Steampunk meets an Aquatic creature. This tattoo wants to tell me a story...or wants me to tell it's story.
Final find...
On late night shopping ventures with my sister, we always stop in the book section. Last night we made our way to the magazines and stood there wishing we could subscribe/purchase a particular magazine. Which magazine? Inked. The cover featured one of the best examples of a good facial tattoo that I have seen in a long time. I couldn't find a great picture of it online, but I did find the small image below. You could go to your local grocery for a closer look. (insert wink)
We both appreciated the tattoos subtlety. Yes I know a face tattoo isn't exactly subtle, but this tattoo has an elegance and lacks the glaring/screaming "I have a face tattoo" attribute I've seen before.
Talk about life – but in your own way.
~Howard Pyle
Footnotes (the ballads are in):
  • *Proverbs 17:28
  • Music delights today Little Green Cars and a new to me Autumn Playlist on Spotify

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