Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thrive Thursdays: Can You Be Convinced?

Earlier today I presented my Instagram followers with two questions via a handy Instagram video. A video that took at least an hour to create...hello multiple interruptions, they were my best friend today.

Why drink out of glass? Why use a Cuppow?
I will let you in on two secrets.
One, I'm a drink snob. This means a few things. I am extremely picky (or have "expensive" taste, it's all how you look at things) when it comes to my water. I buy my water. I refuse to drink the faucet water. It tastes funny and at times downright awful (a few times I have had to succumb to the threat of dehydration* and partake of the sinks "magical goodness"...erm yuck). Being a drink snob means drinking out of plastic is a big fat no, no. It means getting creative. Goodness knows water left in a plastic water bottle all day is enough to induce the hebejebe creepy feeling on your tongue. Run, run away fast! No, drinking out of steel water bottles is not creative. Whether it is true or not, I can't be bothered to research it right now (insert wink)**, I have been told steel water bottles leach steel into your water. While I might not know the facts for sure, I can tell you water left in the steel bottles I have owned have left a metallic taste on the tongue that is in no way pleasant. Remember I let you in on a secret earlier...I'm a drink snob. Are you beginning to agree yet?
Welcome to the world of Glass!
  • Glass can't absorb whichever liquid (or dry) matter you store in it. Plastic, on the other hand, is porous and will retain the "leftovers".
  • Plastic's "genetic makeup" is chemical. When your container heats up or cools down it is safe to say you will get your daily dose of chemical goodness...whether you asked for it or not.
  • Glass is pretty. As my house can attest to because we save, purchase, and decorate with Glass of all shapes, sizes, and color. Plastic...boring and after a while not so pretty, especially if you use your radiation machine (a.k.a. microwave) to heat things up.***
  • Glass is better for the environment.
  • Liquid or dry, things taste far better in Glass, in my opinion, than they do in Plastic.
  • While Glass can break and may initially cost more, it has a lifespan far longer (and healthier) than that of it's ugly step cousin three times removed on it's mother's side.
  • Glass is's awesome!
Secret 2
I have a huge crush on a product I was introduced to the latter part of 2012.
Welcome to the world of Cuppow!
Why do I love Cuppow? Oh let me count the ways.
  • Cuppow is Made in America. I have nothing against items/products made in other countries. However, as someone proud to be an American**** and as a small business owner myself, I understand and truly appreciate the importance for the American dream. The ability to produce and sell our own products, to be able to say "Made in the USA" leaves goose bumps on my arms. What about you? (insert smile)
  • BPA, phthalates, and BPS Free! I can't properly explain what this means, but it is awesome! Here is what Cuppow says: Cuppow products are made from food-grade polypropylene that is free of BPA, phthalates, and BPS. We considered using other classic renewables like metal, glass, or bamboo, but ultimately decided that the potential dangers from sharp edges or splinters was too great for our little ones (we’ve got kids too!). So we undertook an extensive investigation into material sources and manufacturing in order to find the perfect solution, and we did! Cuppow is durable enough that it shouldn't foul nor deform over time due to exposure to strong odors, colorants, or heat, which means that [with some love] the Cuppow you buy your toddler could be the same one they bring to college.
  • Remember the Glass "argument"? Who doesn't have a Ball/Mason Jar lying around the house?!? Go to it, make that jar into something remarkable with some Cuppow magic! Might I also mention...Ball Jars are Made in the USA*#
  • Didn't you ever want to be the coolest kid in school? Look me in the eye and try to tell me you don't like a little attention every now and then. I love people's reaction to the Cuppow. It makes me feel like I had something to do with its creation in this world. Bring on the show and tell time!
  • Let's be friends! Every instance of communication/contact, be it email, Instagram, Facebook...whatever...the Cuppow team has been awesome to work with. They are great people. I love what they represent.
  • Are you not convinced yet? They have another product too. You know you want to look at it.
 I promise I am not being paid. I am being passionate and kind. Heck, I don't have to share my secrets with you. (insert wink)
Another project and surprise for the Autumn season in relation to a love of Glass and Cuppow...
Coffee Mittens! Knitting cables at its finest.

Thriving Moments: Sharing some of passions with you. Showing off a new knitting may be appearing in the shop!
  • *I am a huge supporter of clean drinking water for those less fortune than I am. So I realize that some of these comments from me may come across as blaze and not thinking of other's hardships when it comes to clean, safe drinking water...regardless of taste. By now, I would hope you realize I'm a rather sarcastic person.
  • **Hello laziness is my friend today as well.
  • ***I'm not knocking microwaves, as I do own one. I just don't believe they are the healthiest of inventions.
  • ****long story, but I haven't always been.
  • *# Do you keep humming "Born in the USA" each time you read this phrase? Because I do! (insert smile)
  • No music today...jealously listening to my family watching World War Z without me.

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