Monday, October 7, 2013

Mundane Mondays: I Speak Fluent Movie Quotes

Growing up a Midwest Small-town girl does not mean I don't know my way around a good movie conversation. I can't honestly lay a finger on the person responsible for feeding the movie bug in my family. It seems each of us, to some degree or another, have it. Our tastes are vast and often result in "heated" discussions wherein we (to no avail) attempt to convince the other of our love of such and such or why it is a must see. One thing is for sure . . . fluency is a no brainer.

I don't delve into movie genres I'm not comfortable with or require me to spend too much time thinking through a convoluted plot. By thinking I mean the reviewers that want to convince me there is a deeper meaning to EVERYTHING. However, if you were to meet my brothers you would discover two specifics when dealing with their movie business. One they are self-proclaimed (ok maybe it is more teasing on my part) movie snobs and two, deep meaning and conversations are necessary traits to bring to the table. It would seem, by default they are rubbing off on me and causing me to rethink the whole "surface feel good" films of the past. I'm not saying it is easy or that I don't scratch my head, staring at them wondering how they don't see what I see . . . boring, etc.

Always learning, always developing new tastes.

Recently I have opened myself up more and more to trying films I wouldn't, of my own accord, watch. The choices they are always "begging" me to give a chance. The results are in and maybe some self-proclamations are in order.

What's been playing at the local theater, a.k.a my house?

Welcome to plot/character development nightmares and head spinning dancing scenes!

During the month of October my brother's typically have a goal to watch as many "Scary" movies as they can during the frightful month. As the remake is due out later this month and none of us had indulged in this special treat of a film, it was a no brainer. Overzealous religious types will always have a special place in my heart; whereas the gym teacher who cares a little too much for comfort will always come off creepy, almost creepier than Carrie herself. It will not be a difficult task for Kimberly Peirce (Carrie 2013 director) to give us a new/updated perspective of this classic.

Lord of the Flies (1963)
This adaption is proof that I am, though I wasn't denying it before, entirely too desensitized in the realm of violence.

I can appreciate the dedication to a real child cast and I even found myself liking the feel the Black and White gave to the overall film. However, this adaptation made me question . . . what the heck is so violent about the book that is/was banned? Yes, yes, I know children kill and kill each other, but let's face it The Hunger Games is more violent in the scope of things AND it mostly alluded to the happenings. I reiterate . . . desensitized. The movie was slow and I kept looking at my brother and wondering "When will it end?" Although, silently because talking during movies is strictly frowned upon. (insert grin)

I am a cinematography junky. If not for that I believe this film would have fallen a little flat. The colors and old world 1950s feel was great, even though that mainly applied to the Stoker family. I found myself thinking, creepy crawling feeling squelched, "I would like to take a fieldtrip to their house."

When I can relate to a characters strangeness (psychopath tendencies aside) I often wonder how strange are they really. Perhaps I empathize too much with the "odd 'man' out". I don't know, but I wanted to be India Stoker's friend and just to be safe learn how to run fast and shoot a gun. (insert smile)

The film was slightly predictable, but maybe it was intended to come off that way. I could be persuaded to watch it again or give the director another go.

In other News...

Disney Film challenge this month!

Elyza (my sister) and I are attempting to watch a "classic" Disney film each day. The classic is a loosely used term, as you will see with our list thus far.

Day One - Beauty and The Beast - Fun commentary time
Day Two - The Black Cauldron - Why bother?
Day Three - Toy Story - Rule breaker according to our brother because at the time Pixar was not affiliated with Disney. Even now it is distributed by Disney not made by them. Details, details...
Day Four - The Emperor's New Groove - Quotable heaven
Day Five - Alice in Wonderland - If you used this film adaption to persuade me I should read the book . . . epic fail.
Day Six - Lilo & Stitch - More reasons why I want to move to Hawaii and become a surfer.

Most Disney movies have a content level, at times, I question how I would explain to my children (i.e. Lilo's use of Voodoo for her 'friends', "My friends need to be punished."). This only being mentioned/questioned for the highly observant children I know, otherwise not true concern just curiosity.

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  1. Haha I love it. Personally I was really into the old live action Alice and Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Yes they were long, but so true to the tales and creepy! I also loved as a kid the old Disney Red Riding Hood. I finally bought it on DVD a while back, and a copy for my local school to enjoy. Black Cauldron ..oh dear. Whilst I LOVED the piggy, I mean come on..cracked me up..the books were infinitely better. The second one indeed but I never really ended up liking the princess or the boy, it was always the secondary characters in that series that shone.
    Beauty and the Beast is a great movie, I fear I can never watch it again though as the kid I worked with for a time was obsessed and autistic so I heard the songs too often. In my sleep. It is like nails on a chalkboard now.
    Actually now that I think of it whilst I adore Disney animation (I went to see Princess Frog precisely because it was a return to doing it by hand) I love their older live action films. Darby O'Gill and the Little people charmed me.


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