Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tattoo Tuesdays: Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

Music has a way of closing the largest gaps of social differences. It also has a way of doing the very opposite. However, if you let it (and I implore...do it) music can perform magic.

It seems in every relationship, the good and the bad ones, there is always a song or two or a never ending flow of  undiscovered music that happens because one person decided it was time to share something. I can think of at least one song associated with each of the old and gone friends and the newly made friends. Music is universal, it succeeds so often where we mere mortals fail. Scary what power it holds over us...over me.

Though our hearts (and minds) rarely escape experiences unchanged, music is the gift that keeps on giving. Music is one of those blessings I sit relishing/musing, much as I do with words, "Wow, where would we be, where would I be if God didn't see fit to give us the ability to create symphonies? The ability to write 'foreign little creatures' on lines that direct the sounds of a heart."

Music tells a story. It tells you 'I love you'. It tells a world 'someone broke my heart'. It tells a generation 'get your shit together'. It stirs a well brewed pot of trouble. It can lay to rest a modicum or a plentitude of fears.

Today I'm running Tattoo Tuesdays as a theme post. All tattoos are music inspired. I know, as if you couldn't gather that already. (insert wink)

#2 — mondays are for music
Photo credit (Flickr/Pintrest find):
Ana Luisa Pinto's '#2 -- mondays are for music'
Remember my mentioning of the 'foreign little creatures'? They are speaking a language all their own. According to the photographer, the notes are an actual song. I don't read music, oh to be so lucky, but perhaps you do. Tattoos tell stories and of course this tattoo is brilliant (though it may be the photographers doodling, I can't be sure) because music is telling that story too. Me and finger tattoos...sigh.
Tattoo Artist: Ellen Westholm
I'm not a rose tattoo kind of gal. Truth be told I don't really like real roses even. However, I like this tattoo very much so, rose and all. My first thought, "Hey that looks like Bokeh effect on a tattoo!" I don't entirely, honestly, understand what Bokeh is, but the background feel of this tattoo looks like the Bokeh effect button I use for editing photos. I like it! It has an old world feel with the shading/coloring. Now...I wish I could read what the words say. Can you read it? Sleeves of course equal always a winner in my book.
One of my favorite music quotes* is Frederick Delius' words: “Music is an outburst of the soul.” 
This tattoo, for me, is reminiscent of those words. I grew up with cassette tapes and sometimes I get a bit nostalgic and miss them. Then I remember numerous occasions of frustrations with cassette players eating away at the intestines of the cassette tape and I think "Erm...no, I'm good." 
I am a little iffy about the red coloring. I know my Mum's first reaction would be, "Is it suppose to represent blood?" (insert smile) Otherwise love the concept.
“Where words fail, music speaks.”
~Hans Christian Andersen
Footnotes (my feet have kickass boots on today, what about you?):
  • *This quote is etched on the back of my iPod. I think I have mentioned this before.
  • Music today - Thank you Spotify for having The Head And The Heart's new album, Let's Be Still! I can't buy it before Christmas, but I can surely indulge on Spotify.

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