Monday, August 6, 2012

Mundane Mondays: Where have all the Mondays gone?

For the past few weeks I have looked at the calendar and realized it is Monday, but for various reasons, that might sound like excuses, I haven't found the time to write. I've also lacked motivation, but that is not your fault . . . well the first isn't either.

The mind (should we be worried I talk about my mind as a separate entity?) has been caught up in a web of Google+ madness, reading like mad on my Kindle (for some reason), trying to catch up on sleep and other menial tasks that make up my life.

I've gained a crazy 800 followers in the past 2 weeks on Google+. Wow! Huh? How? Wow!?! I don't know either; you let me know if you find out.

The Kindle is feeding on my soul. I'm looking around worried someone is going to find out and add more kindle (pun intended) to my heretic fire planned for these ‘traitorous’ acts against the REAL book world. I'm devouring books left and right. eBook authors! You need to stop writing series and making them so darn good.

Sleep? Ha, ha, ha . . . don't make me laugh. I have a faint sense that the Kindle has something do to with this, but I'm not one to point fingers.

In other news . . .

I have the winners of the Reading Road-Trip: Indiana! (I apologize for the delay.)

  • Randi M.
  • Erika W.
  • Christina T-S.
  • Brooke DeSpain
Your emails will be coming shortly; requesting mailing info, etc.

Sadly no one requested the other two books* I was giving away (give classics a chance folks (insert sad face)). In lieu of the lack of interest, I decided the winners can pick from the other two, more popular, books, John Green's The Fault In Our Stars and Mike Mullins' Ashfall. I'm not too surprised, but I guess I was hopeful it would have turned out differently. However, I'm never one to force or disappoint, so I opted for this path. (Of course if two additional people want to give these classics a chance, leave a comment, I'm more than willing to supply the risk takers (insert smile).)

Thank you to everyone who participated in my give away and the overall Reading Road-Trip experience! It really blessed my heart to see the amazing feedback I got and encouraged me greatly. I just hope you continue to follow the adventures of my blog!

And she is off . . .

If by some miracle I have WiFi access this week, I will try to post. I leave for my annual Ohio trip on Wednesday, bright and early. This means my wallet is about to harbor moths and dusts because . . . well . . . there are always numerous book buying adventures when I go to Ohio. Ohio must see me coming and put all the stops in place. Hello book wealth and hello real world poverty! (insert grin)

Thanks again everyone!

*A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter and The Magnificent Ambersons by Booth Tarkington

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