Monday, August 20, 2012

Mundane Mondays: Which issue is your favorite? I'll take 'Lack of Commitment' for $250.00...

Ahh the sweet smell of a Monday morning. Well really there is often nothing sweet about Mondays and I can't really say (at least with any true sense of honesty) that today is any different. However, Mundane Mondays bring the 'joy' to be found in this 'cramping my style' day of the week.

For one be glad you didn't sprain your ankle and are now accessorizing with a lovely pair of wooden crutches . . .  like the klutz typing this. I'm trying to see the blessing in it, but all I can come up with is my Mum saying to me "Maybe this is proof that you shouldn't learn to skateboard." Back up a minute, I know what you're thinking and no spraining my ankle did not grant me the power of telepathy (if only, right?). It is not that I want to learn to skateboard the cool way; where I'm flipping in the air, etc. No, I'm saving for a longboard. Which if I'm correct, in what others have conveyed to me, is not for tricks, but essentially cruising. I can cruise, in fact I love cruise control on my car. Perhaps a little too much because when it decides to be finicky and not work for a bit, I start pounding on the steering wheel screaming "No, no, no! Come back right this minute or else*!" I'm rabbit trailing I know, but now you know: Maddie is saving for a longboard. It sounds so cool, right? Longboard. Longboard. Better yet say it like this "Landyachtz Longboard.**" Oh yeah!

I do have a purpose in mind for this post other than to brag, boast and complain. I'm noticing more and more this growing pile of, namely, Magazines. The cover is cool. The topic is cool. The magazine is eye candy that will help people to perceive me in a different light (i.e. the opposite sex, which visit my home often . . . NOT). I don't read these magazines. It is not because I don't want to read them, but because I have commitment issues. I can't persuade myself that no matter how 'cool' these magazines are, that taking the time to read them is not worth it. I hate this and I mean stomp my feet go mutter in a corner, hate.

The pile keeps growing and my enthusiasm is still not any closer to picking up the magazine and reading it. In fact I'm quite certain I would enjoy, if not each of the magazines in question than at the very least one or two. Do any of you have this issue? I wonder if it is because Magazines can't be added to my end of the year reading list goal total? Maddie read 55 Magazines and 10 books! See doesn't sound as an impressive. I know the reading, in many cases, can be just as beneficial as reading a book. The sad thing? I'm at this very instance contemplating subscribing to at least 2 more Magazines.

Let's hope this 'trivial' lack of commitment does not foretell of such issues with my fellow man. For the record don't talk to my sister or friends about my blatant (?) disregard for reading challenges. (insert blush) I never said there wasn't room for improvement . . . "Hello my name is Maddie and the last time I ---"

"Hi Maddie."

*Or else what? Your guess is as good as mine.

**For added effect and to annoy little brother intentionally mispronounce it and call it a Land-Yahtzee (like the board game).

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