Monday, August 27, 2012

Mundane Mondays: Keeping Moments

If people ever have the opportunity to carry my purse or for any reason pick it up, their first response is typically, "Holy cow, what are you carrying in here?!?" Sadly I can't claim to be Mary Poppins, but wouldn't that be awesome? I am quite certain if someone attacked me, for my purse, A. They would be slowed down and B. I could easily turn the purse into a weapon. It is easy folks, no bricks needed. (insert smile)

Among the many 'treasures' my purse holds, is my camera. I just realized I've never named this camera. Which strikes me as odd because I name most electronics that I own (thanks to a co-worker/friend); so for the duration of this post, for the sake of clarity and to negate the necessity to repeat "my camera' over and over, we will call my camera Old Fella. I suppose if I did some digging I could locate Old Fella's birth certificate, but suffice it to say . . . he is OLD. He is long overdue for a replacement.

Maybe you remember or are new to my blog, but earlier this year I did my annual New Years Resolution List and a new camera managed to make the list at goal numero due. I'm excited to tell you that this goal is seeing the finish line Friday, if not sooner! It has been a long time coming, as Old Fella causes me more tantrums and my passion for photography plays 'havoc' with my senses.

I can't claim to be a Dorothea Lange or a Thomas Hawk* or even the next greatest happy snapping photo taker out there. Photography is a fairly new creative outlet for me. As recent as 2009/2010, when I really started to delve, although tiptoe is more accurate, into what the world of what pictures had to offer me. Once I was inspired to begin and then signed up on Flickr (Pro-account, though I'm far from it) it was all history from there.

While the fame I can't claim, I can claim the passion. It is my belief, or rather what I tell myself, that passion is where it starts. If we try to pursue anything, be it photography, be it writing, beekeeping, farming, or what have you, without passion soon we find we are invested and stuck in something we can't pour any more effort into without losing self and sanity. The sacrifice is too much to go on another minute and we long for the days when passion feed us, dangling choice fruit before our eager lips.

In a nutshell I'm saying my passion equals fuel for more photos. Hopefully more photos means practice and you know what they say about practice. No? Okay then . . . practice makes perfect. Of course in my case I'm hoping not for perfection, but for honed photography skills and maybe . . . well . . . Flickr FAME.

Old Fella will either find he is stored in a box suffocating until I decide to donate or toss or . . . he will be a hand-me-down for my Mum. I know she wants a camera, but I'm not sure how much life Old Fella truly has left in him. When he sees his competition he will run screaming I'm sure. Even though, Old Fella and the new camera share the same parents, Canon, Old Fella is just not ready or equipped to put up much of a fight.

"A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away."
~Eudora Welty

*He is one of my favorite photographers to follow on Google+ and his blog is awesome.

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