Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: I know that you like my style...WATCH ME!

Hello and welcome to the part of the show where I introduce you to a ho-- (clearing throat) very nice tattoo.

While the half Native American/eagle tattoo is cool, what really struck me was the guy...no come now I'm not that...well... Seriously, though, the shoulder tattoo caught my eye. "Trust Your Struggle" I've heard the quote before, 'Pain breeds Strength. Trust your Struggle' and you've heard me talk about embracing your struggles for the growth they do and will bring. I realize it will always be easier to say these things out loud to you or myself than to actually implement the attitude in my own life. I'm struggling right along with you and learning too to 'Trust your Struggle,' but better yet trust Him*. It is nice to have the reminders, even via a tattooed guy. (insert mischievous smile)

I especially like the 'S' in Struggle. Can I reach out and touch it?

Other Features for today:

We are anonymous.
You know me and anchors. via: anchors-ah0y on Tumblr

So yes I'm partial to the actual photograph, but who cares!?!

Anchors, hands, words, does it get any better? via: anchors-ah0y on Tumblr

I'm looking for new banner art for Tattoo Tuesdays' posts. The picture at the top was just my bored half attempt at a quick 'smarty' banner for these posts. I didn't expect for them to continue, but they have and they are some of my favorites. Please leave a comment if you have an interest in submitting art or photographs, etc. for a banner. You will get recognition. Do you expect anything less from me? (insert smile) Tell your friends!

*Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

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  1. I am sure you need look no further than your own work for the art you seek....I know of what I speak. I truly enjoy your posts...and look forward to them.


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