Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: Deep into that darkness peering

I'm not a person prone to obsession with death or even things related to death, such as skulls. Of course I know some people who associate Edgar Allan Poe with the darker side of life and hence they link him to death. I realize Mr. Poe could be termed as 'not right in the head', but over the years I've come to have quite the little author crush on him. I may be even a little jealous. You won't tell him, will you?

Today's tattoo reminds me of the man himself. While it is not a tattoo paying homage to Poe, it is just what I walked away with after seeing it. That is what Tattoo Tuesdays are for, to delve into the scary places of my mind, to see what I'm thinking. (insert smile)

I'm not particularly fond of art known as 'Day of the Dead', that would be my sister. I found this tattoo very striking and the colors and softness just enhance it, so much so I stare at it wondering if it is a painting. According to Pinterest, (Tumblr didn't produce much in terms of tasteful tattoos today or tattoos for that matter) this tattoo is by Nick Chaboya. He is currently tattooing his amazing skills on people in the San Francisco area.

And without further ado . . .

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.
~Edgar Allan Poe

The colors so fascinate me, I'm actually going to admit this on my blog, I find this a very sexy tattoo. Yes, I said the 's' word. I'm also *following Mr. Chaboya on Instagram to catch more glimpses of his tattoo brilliance.

Other Features for today:

Have I mentioned I was a Mermaid in my first life?

Between Carpe Diem things and Nautical things you have to wonder do I have
a thing for pirates? YES!
By Sadhu I came across a few of these types of tattoos with 'excessive' amounts of black ink
and I have to say I find them very intriguing.

*Sometimes I have to worry that I sound like a stalker when I say things like this, but I promise I'm a nice girl. No stalking is intended . . . or is it?

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  1. Beautiful tattoos! I especially love the black ink one, though I can't imagine how long that person must have sat there. I've got 5, and two that I got at the same time took 3 1/2 hours - after that I was DONE for the day! Great post. :)


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