Friday, September 16, 2011

Uncovering the Judge: Steampunk Style

This day just flew by and I was hoping to have posted earlier, but no such luck. It may also seem like a rushed post, well you're right. I won't have time to make this post sound good, but you'll get the gist.

Whitechapel Gods by S.M. Peters

First Impression:
Top hat! He has a top hat on!

Second Impression:
I'm becoming more familiar with Steampunk as it gains popularity in the book world. I've watched more films considered Steampunk than I've read books, but I like what I see. The cover of this book really has me starring, open mouthed (ewe is that drool on my hand?) Aside from Steampunk, I've long had a thing for fire; borderline pryo perhaps?

Where did you get this?

June 2009

Why haven't you read this book yet?
I really have no good excuse, but it is in my room to read. Which means is on a separate floor from my personal library, aka a 'must read sooner rather than later' book.

For you Synopsis Lovers (copied from Amazon):

In Victorian London, the Whitechapel section is a mechanized, steam-driven hell, cut off and ruled by two mysterious, mechanical gods-Mama Engine and Grandfather Clock. Some years have passed since the Great Uprising, when humans rose up to fight against the machines, but a few brave veterans of the Uprising have formed their own Resistance-and are gathering for another attack. For now they have a secret weapon that may finally free them-or kill them all...

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