Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lately Thursdays: Measures

I used to be asked frequently (to the point of exhaustion) are you to college? The question would come in various forms and from many walks of life. I'll be honest; it aggravated me and tested me daily. There are only so many responses and only so much patience you can feed from before you burst. I'd like to say I kept calm and answered politely, model citizen that I am, but that would be bending the truth, if only a little (insert sarcasm).

The other day a person asked me do I still get asked about my plans college and what was my response. I wanted to encourage them that there does come a day when the questions cease, but sadly that is not the case. This past year I was asked and somewhat caught unaware by the question. I hadn't answered it in a while. Times like these I'm tempted to go on a bragging session, listing my accomplishments that college did not give me nor put me in the way of. Some people view that as the opposite of humble, though, and I choose to keep my brag book sealed away for another day.

My answer is still the same. I don't feel led to go to college. Led in the sense that my Lord isn't telling me through daily encounters (encounters being prayer) that "Hey, Maddie you should go to college." Until that day comes I'm where I'm at now and I fully trust that if he says go He will also provide the means. This still doesn't convince people and I guess that is okay. If I can't, no one will. In light of that, people don't understand the idea of standing back and waiting for things to happen. I'd like to fool you into believing I understand it and enjoy it, but I'm really not a liar. It will never be easy to wait or trust and that's why it is life; life is all about learning. If it wasn't hard all the time, or most of it, I'm not sure what we'd glean from it. If we were to set up a graph comparing the number of times I'm more prone to worry and scheming than to waiting and trusting, the results would be scary.

I'm rambling and you are probably wondering when will she get to the point. Here it is: By what standards are you willing to measure your success or the success of those around you? Should your success ever be compared to anyone else’s or should it stand on its own two feet? I'm selfish. My success is mine, well it is what the Lord grants me and He should be praised for it, but I'm not about to share it with anyone else.

I don't necessarily want to make it to the top, but I do want to live to see dreams become tangible. I don't want someone else's doubts to put a cage around what I hope or want to attain. I once asked someone, half serious, half joking, if I would see them at the winter Olympics someday. In a nutshell, age and comparison came into play and doubt had a nice welcoming through the front door. First and foremost I believe you should seek the Lord out when it comes to your dreams and desires. The desires aren't put in place to just bask in the sun, they want to see action. The Lord is not wasteful and thus I believe desires will, if allowed, bloom into tangible accomplishments. Your/our willingness to wait and ignore the negativity of those around us is key. It will never be easy, but the end result will be awesome.

I find it imperative to surround yourself, not necessarily with like minded people, but people who will encourage you; people who believe in your abilities and full well foresee the fruition coming about. That being said, be one of those people. If you believe someone is the next Clint Eastwood (actor/director) or Olympic athlete or Picasso or whoever, tell them. Don't hesitate to say you can do it!

No amount of education is a waste. I love that phrase because it is very true. Perhaps you went or are going to college, just because I'm not going doesn't mean I think other people going is wrong or a waste. Everyone has their path they are designated to go down and we all learn along the way. I learn everyday. Whether it be dealing with a new crisis at work and how to handle it or by reading a little fact I'd never come across before. I'm always learning, by the Lord's grace. This year has been a challenge to learn more and not stick to the basic routine of life. I would tell you to do that, never stick to the comfort of everyday sameness. Do something you haven't done before. Read a book from a different genre you are not familiar with, hello non-fiction for me. Learn a new skill or even hone old ones. There is no end to the number of things you can learn from books; even books that will help you along the way to achieving your dreams. I, for one, want to be a writer. I've read it a few times; to write, you must read and read often. I envision this as reading until words are bleeding from my finger tips.
I'm not sure I intended this to come out as a motivational post, but it is what it is. What measures are you willing to take or live through in order to attain the means?
Reading: The Floating Islands by Rachel Neumeir

Listening: Blue Beard by Band of Horses

What's on the docket for your pocket?: The Art of Flight - DVD! Snowboarding. . . must see!

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