Monday, December 19, 2011

Mundane Mondays: Christmas Secrets, Dragons and Wrapping with style

Did you think you'd lost me? That somehow I had drifted off into space, never to be seen or heard from again? Don't worry! I'm here. Life has been . . . well busy.

Christmas is 6 days away! I'm ready, just about. I got the last of my gifts, courtesy of Etsy today. Okay people! I'm going to steal these last gifts. Shhh . . . no one has to know and you don't have to tell. I am very pleased with myself. Could you tell? I will have to post pictures after Christmas.

This year I'm trying a different wrapping technique, well labeling is the only difference. Otherwise they are still wrapped the same. I can't tell you though, some people read this blog who will be getting gifts from me. You thought I would share the secret before Christmas. . . wrong!

You may be reading this and finding it a bit rushed. That's because it is. I have things to do, people to see, guys to kiss. . . wait what? Oh yeah that's just in my imagination. Hmm I'm tempted to stay there for a bit. :)

I will be doing something this week, or perhaps I will have to wait for things to calm down a bit, that I have never done before. I'm going to see a movie . . . all by my lonesome. Do you want to come with me? I make for a good date. No one I know has read the books or watched the Swedish versions, nor has any interest whatsoever in seeing this movie. I on the other hand have read the books and watched the Swedish versions and Daniel Craig aside (he is handsome, just not my type) I want to see this movie. By some chance though, if you stranger, live in my town, know where I live, and want to see this movie, well be my guest. Give me a call, you'll need my number first and therefore you need to know me. I know I'm making it rough, aren't I? I am, of course, talking about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (that needs to be in lights, flashing, cue LIGHTS people). You can read my review for the book here. This will be a new and weird experience for me. I mean don't people stare at people who come to theaters by themselves, "Oh, look at the creepier, came to see a movie alone." Ok, no? I guess only I do that kind of thing. I'll let you know how loner movie going is, unless. . . hey you over there, yeah you're cute you wanna go with me? :)

My Christmas tree finally went up Saturday night!

I'm 16 books away from 1,400 in my own personal library. I only have to read 24 more books by the end of the year, to complete my goal. Which, just a sneaky suspicion, that seems unlikely to happen. I'm a fast reader, not that fast. Check out my GoodReads to see what I have read this year.

I had all these great quotes to give you and what did I do? I left them at home. . .

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