Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tattoo Tuesdays: Pass the Change

Welcome to a Tuesday that feels too much like a Monday. I had a bad start to my morning, all because I couldn't find my black zipper hoodie. I have this way about me that I let the smallest detail send me on a highway to negativity land. Finishing up my hair in the bathroom this morning (the color still 'frightens' me a little) I whispered to myself "Bad morning, does mean a bad rest of the day. Get with it Maddie!" Yes I talk to myself, don't you?

Today's Features:
Needle and thread by Dr. Woo, Shamrock Tattoo, California.
I'm all about 'wearing' your passions. Simple, sweet, and great placement.
Hearts and me...you know we go together. The vintage appeal of this tattoo, not only because it features a gramophone, but with the inking style (sketchy pen and ink) really sets this tattoo off for me. I am not always a fan of back tattoos, but I like the creativity behind this one; manipulating the heart and gramophone to make one unique piece of skin art.
'Wearing' your passions for the win in this post! A chef, foodie, minimalistic tattoo...on the shoulder...on a guy. He can cook for me (insert wink)!
Honestly? At first I didn't like this tattoo, but for some odd reason the more look at the more I like it. The wispy typography taking over the arm is a definite eye catcher for me.
“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody.”
~Stephen Chbosky
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  1. Nice tattoo work! It looks so real. However, I personally do not like to have permanent tattoos as they cannot be removed easily. It is better to have temporary tattoos.


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