Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thrive Thursdays: Finding Your Sixty Seconds

I will be honest with you about two things. One, I didn't think I would be writing a post today for a number of reasons, but one being I wasn't feeling very thrive worthy. Two, I am an extremely negative person; more often than not I find the glass half empty. However, we shall thank Pinterest for a quote and numerous other people for their curiosity. It was the motivation I needed for a short (hahaha who are we kidding, I nearly never write short blogs) blog post.

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
I waste so much time and energy when it comes to anger; not only anger with other people, but a vast amount of anger with myself. I realize and fully stand behind the notion that as a believer, life is not necessarily written to be happy go lucky for me. There will be trials and many tribulations, but somewhere here I believe there is happiness. I want to be happy, but I let the dregs of the day or hour continue to drag me down. How many more seconds of happiness could I have each and everyday if I decided to forget my anger? I don't have a special remedy for you forgetting your anger. I'm not even sure how I will go about this, hopefully, new attitude, but I encourage you give up the anger. Happiness fuels so many things, creativity especially! Look up Lamentations 3:22-23 and feel free to "throw it in my face" every now and then. I can use reminders too.

 Many times, over the course my 6 year blogging career*, I have mentioned the 365 project. Yet I still have people in the everyday world asking, "What is a 365 project? What is it all about?" There is truly nothing complicated about a 365 Project...well except for motivation and inspiration. I have days when I'd rather throw my camera at a wall for kicks and giggles than think up something new, fresh, and exciting. Most definitely work is involved, but it can be fun to see what will come of the days inspirations.
A 365 Project is a photo-a-day challenge. Many photographers upload self-portraits each day, in some form or another. I have done such a 365 before; when I was an extreme novice photographer (though I still categorize myself as such) and with a much cheaper camera. At one time I even attempted a 365 Project of different hands everyday. I didn't have many enthusiastic takers for that project and it was soon abandoned. Another 365, which had nothing to do with photography, I attempted to write a letter to someone different each day. Wow was that too much to take on!
My current 365 Project is "simply" a photograph each day with my thoughts. I love writing and this gives me an opportunity each day to "pour a little of my heart out" with a photograph as my inspiration. Some days are pictures of me and other days are photographs of random still-life or at times other people I come into contact with that day.
I realize there is a huge stigmatism with "selfies", but I've discussed this before on other sites. There is a fine line between the narcissistic everyday "selfie" and the learning to realize you are beautiful self-portrait project. My first 365 project helped me learn to like pictures of myself. I still have my days, but for the most part I've learned to take what I got and make it great. I credit much of this to the 365 Project.
The 365 Project is not for everyone, but I would challenge you to try it and see it where it takes you. You may discover things about yourself and about your creative skills you didn't know before.
Thriving Moments: Flickr (again) and learning to kill my anger with happiness!
Did anyone take notes? (Footnotes):
  • *Oh my Atlanta! I can't believe it has been 6 years since I started With a Flower! ?!?
  • The computer shutdown twice and I took a break for a painting party in the midst of writing this...busy frustrated lady.
  • If you are on Flickr leave me a line and I will follow you!

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  1. Writing is a good activity to let your anger and negativity out. It is good that you share your thoughts and you write well. Thanks for sharing.


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