Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: Her white blank page...and a swelling rage

I was listening to my Mumford & Sons Pandora radio station today and across the airwaves came, perhaps my favorite song by these talented fellows, White Blank Page*. This song comes on and I want to stop what I'm doing. I want to absorb the lyrics, poetic infused that they are and just listen. It is one of the songs I sit and think, "Please Lord (I'm being sincere right now) give me the opportunity to pour words out to someone like this someday." I think we can all agree "Lead me to the truth and I will follow you with my whole life," is a feeling we can admit to having, even on a spiritual level, if not a romantic one.

I wanted a tattoo that would put this song to good use and do it justice. So I went "a'Googling" and didn't come up with much. The search brought up mostly word tattoos, which is fine, just isn't striking the mood for today. Option 2 was to do some tumbling on Tumblr . . . and this is what I found.

Jason Perkins Photography**

I can picture what my mum and some of my more conservative acquaintances would say right off about this picture. I'm almost inclined to go down that path myself. Then I think, she looks happy, she looks at home in her skin. Is it not a feeling we all want? She has decorated her skin with art and she holds in her arms the next chapter of her life...her white blank page. I wish I could be there when this little girl is growing up. Watching as the curiosity gets the better of her and to hear the stories her mum is going to tell her about the gorgeous neck tattoo she is wearing and the reason for each inking.

In other Tattoo News:

You can now follow someone on Twitter who features bookish tattoos, check it out @literarytattoos!

featuring via a friend on G+

Tattooed Hands . . . (sigh) a weakness.

*In this video, I love how the bookstore shelves "Wales, Arthurian" and "Creatures, Fairy". Can I go there?

**After Googling his photography, I'm a little worried I should clear my web browsing history.*** In my defense I was only trying
to link to the original photo to give him the credit. So let this be your warning . . . don't leave me nasty comments on here or anywhere I post the link saying "Oh Maddie what were you thinking looking at such things," because it was completely with innocent intentions. I'm not robbing you of your opinion, simply asking please don't judge me and don't judge him . . . it is his art.

*** I realize, some of you, after reading this sidenote are going to do this very thing. Go and Google Jason Perkins . . . oh you silly people. (insert smile)

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