Thursday, June 21, 2012

Prizes and You're Invited!

I have wanted to do a giveaway (muffled cough: successful giveaway) for a long time. Now is that time!

What's the catch? Nothing really, I just want to give things away. I have a pile of books that are destined for fallen glory at a local thrift store, if I can't find people to give them to. They are not 'bad' books or books unworthy of reading. They are just books I've read and don't want to keep or in the case of one I have the box set and don't need a separate copy of book one.

There's more. The giveaway is to celebrate and to encourage. As I type this, I now have nearly 340 followers on twitter! On Google+, with the help of some awesome people, I'm slowly climbing in numbers there too (currently at 181). Facebook doesn't count because well . . . it just . . . yeah. The celebration is for those who are already following me. However, I will add to the pot, so to speak, substantially if you can help me reach 375 or even 400 by the end of the month on Twitter. I know it is asking a lot, but I'm so excited about where the social networking scene can take things, that I might be inclined to 'bite off more than I can chew'. It would be nice to rise in popularity on Google+ too, but let's focus on one at a time. (insert smile)

If I can picture the pile of books right now, I think we are looking at 6 titles.

Reach 375
I will add 4 more titles to the list for winners to pick from!

Reach 400
I will add 2 more titles (in addition to the 4 mentioned previously) and music! Music is a little tougher to entice people with, so it will most likely be in the form of iTunes gift cards.

The Rules and Details
1. You must follow me on Twitter. I will also accept followers on Google+, if for some reason you can't on Twitter. Even if you only follow my blog, that's fine too. (Are we noticing how badly I want to give something away?)
2. It would be nice if you followed my blog, but it is not necessary to be a winner.
3. Winners must live within the continental US. (Sorry)
4. This post is just the enticement, more details about the actual giveaway and winners will come later.
5. I will do the final check of followers on June 30, 2012, at midnight EST. (Yes I will be awake.)
6. Whether or not I reach 375 or even 400, I will still be having a giveaway. I need to, to sate the need to GIVE. (insert smile)
7. Tell all your friends!
8. In a follow-up post tomorrow I will list the current titles up for grabs. At the moment I'm not at home to see what books I have to give.


  1. I follow you on Twitter as MsCarolsueA
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

    1. Thank you! Did you pick which books you wanted to win?

  2. Did you get my Twitter msg?
    #1, 4, and 5, in that order (depending on what ones are still available). Let me know if you still need my address.

    1. Yes I got your Twitter msg :). I'm working on getting books sent out today. You get book option #1! :)


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