Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays: Meet Melissa

Uh-oh?!? Are you thinking I've finally reached my limit and inked my skin with some art? Well hopefully you didn't get the idea from the picture above, because that is a very crude doodling done by yours truly. My sister and I have this in common, when ink pens are around we can't help, but to take them to our flesh and begin doodling. I even write poetry on my palms (while driving, bad habit). I don't know about her, but I even have a particular pen I like to use. Which explains why the Tattoo Tuesdays picture is not very good. I left my pen in the car*.

Maybe it is a secret or maybe not, but tattoos hold a certain fascination for me. I'm always tempted to ask people for a closer look or to ask where did you get it done. You know with every tattoo there is a story, a motivation, and I wouldn't mind knowing that too. Of course I want one, but there are some moral issues to sort through first, until then I'll keep ogling other people's tattoos.

This first part, of another new series, will be long because it is an intro, but I hope for these to be short in the future. My only intent is for a blurb and picture of favorite tattoos I come across. However, to start, I want to tell you about a tattoo artist I really admire, Melissa Metz (screen name on Flickr: ImeanHoneyBee).

I was internet “introduced” to her by my friend Nicole a few years ago. Back then Nicole was bragging on her photography and I can still see why. She is who inspired me to start my first 365 Photo project and to delve into photography more. I'm still an extreme amateur with my pictures, but I hope I can someday capture the world with a lens the way Melissa does. So I've never truly met her or talked to her, I "stalk" her on Flickr. She doesn't know, I assume. It was there that I discovered her tattoos and her other awesome ability . . . she is a tattoo artist!

The older I get the more I feel I want to surround myself with these artistically awesome people. Perhaps become guilty by association? I feel the same about my sister, when I look at her room, I feel dull in comparison. So when I grow up I want to be a mix of Melissa and my sister with my only little twist. :)

From what I can tell from Melissa's pictures on Flickr she designs her own tattoos. She has one full sleeve, I think. (If I get the tattoos wrong, it is because I'm a poor researcher or not a good stalker :) As well as a gorgeous tree spanning her entire back. I have the picture of this, which she posted on Flickr, on my iPod**. FYI Flickr folk, I do this with my favorite pictures. It is my modern version of being a "grandmother" and taking my wallet out and showing people your amazing talents. I'm advertising your skills! I'm always saying "If you like this, check out their other stuff on Flickr. Go! Now!"

Melissa recently shaved part of her head and got a tattoo in its place of buttons. Sweet! When I shared the link on my Facebook everyone assumed I wanted the same. :) I like my hair too much.

She lives in New Zealand now and still tattoos. Previously she was inking in California.

Okay, so here is where I get a little ridiculous (if I haven't already). I want to fly to New Zealand to get my first tattoo done by her. I would do it too, if I didn't think she might look at me like I'm mad. You never know, though, perhaps she is used to crazy folk . . . like me. I know what I want for my tattoo and I'm very tempted to message her. I would be like, "I think you’re awesome! Because the chances of me making it to New Zealand in this life are slim, I was wondering would you at least be willing to design my tattoo?" Should I brave it?

So check out her pictures and her tattoos! Maybe tell her, Maddie sent you.

Do you want a tattoo? Do you have a favorite you've seen?

*I could go get it, but it has been pouring down rain all day and I'm relatively warm in the shop. Where is snow at people?!?

**That is not the picture I have. I promise the photo (not good quality pic of my iPod below showing it) existed at some point, but I couldn't find it on her Flickr. The link above is another picture of the tattoo that I found while trying to link to the other one for you. :)

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