Monday, November 21, 2011

Mundane Mondays: Knitting Update

I couldn't have said it better than on Twitter:

motivation comes in the form of 4 hour road trip to Ohio. I do my best thinking in the car, albeit that means less focus on the road. :(

Friday I drove to Ohio to pick up my grandmother for Thanksgiving. While certain people always monopolize my thoughts, I did manage to think about other "pressing" items. For one my lack of writing lately and blogging. You may think it is cheesy, but I love blog post series titles. It is the keeping up with the committed serialization of the blog that I have issues with, but I'm willing to try this again.

Of course I did my normal "bite off more than you can chew" and I came up with a title for everyday. (blush) Also keeping in mind I try to participate in Waiting on Wednesdays already and 2 others I came up for Thursdays and Fridays. It remains to be seen weather I can keep with these in addition to the new. I'm willing to try, even I have to write by candlelight.

With that said, welcome to Anything, but Mundane Mondays! These posts will be about books, crafts, everything, an update of sorts or just a post about new things I've come across. Post one is about knitting.

I feel as though knitting is sucking away my very life. Okay so let's not be dramatic, it is only sucking away my time and then in turn my free reading. What's reading? I can't remember because I haven't read more than 2 chapters in one sitting for the past few weeks. Ugh am I sick or something?

I'm complaining I know and I shouldn't be. I'm not 100% upset about all this knitting. I've sold 2 pairs of gloves (last 2 pictures below) to girls at work. I have at least 4 more projects ordered and who knows what else could come up. I've always wanted a chance to make and sell items. Although, I had no clue it would ever be knitted items. The downside of it all is, these projects are eating up my Christmas gift time. I should be working on the huge list of items my family has asked for (ok so not that big) and I have several gifts I want to make for friends. Knitting isn't bad, I just need to strike a deal with Father Time. Do you think he likes scarves?

I've now attempted 2 different patterns for fingerless gloves, click here for pattern A. and click here for pattern B.. I'm working on trying a third pattern now, not so sure about it yet. The count is in though, I really like pattern B (first and fourth picture below). It is simple and the way it works up makes it look more complicated than it really is. Only issues I have with it are: It is for children. If I can figure out how to size it for adults we are gold! The thumbs are a bit tricky and I'm still trying to make them not look strange (at least to my perfectionist eyes). Pattern A (2nd, 5th, and 6th picture below) isn't all that bad. I like it, but I struggle with the final set of rib stitching.

I also took a knitting class for how to make socks. The class is over, but I'm not finished yet. I will say one thing for socks, you can't be sidetracked while making them.

Before I leave to your own explorations, you can click the picture below and it will take you to my flickr page for my finished projects. 

You may also want to checkout this awesome site: Pinterest. Turns out you need an invite to be a member, otherwise you are wait listed (at least that is what my sister told me). If you need or want an invite send or message me your email. I'd be happy for you to join the Pinterest world.

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  1. I totally know what you mean about delaying on the posts....I keep wanting to finally pass the threshold into post number two. It's not like there's a shortage of things to capture, its just that capturing them worthily is intimidating.


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