Monday, November 28, 2011

Mundane Mondays: Christmas, Reading and Adventures

The day certainly got away from me. . . hence an evening post. A post all the same, though. :)

I spent my evening working. The Christmas Open House, for our town, is Saturday and if you don't know me by now, well I'm a procrastinator. Someday they will invent (or I will) a tonic concoction to help remedy this annoying trait, but for now I do my best. I've known for at least a month (longer ashamedly than that really) that I'm supposed to decorate a tree for the Christmas auction. So what do I do? I wait 6 days until the event to start working on my tree. Ha! I can do it. It is a challenge.

My idea is an advent tree. I have always loved that about Christmas, the advents. Advent Adventure Tree! The advent (my mum's original creation, that she has used for us for a few years) is 25 mittens. Each mitten contains candy or some such. I plan to google for an advent idea, because I want more than just candy. Although, who doesn't love candy?!? The mittens take have lots of hand sewing, which I much prefer over using the machine. Hello. . . blanket stitch! They are made out of our various colors of felt we had stashed on the fabric shelf. I really wanted some brown felt, but no such luck. Due to the lateness of the project (my fault entirely) I'm not allowed to buy extra materials, according to my mum, I must make due with what I have!

Thank goodness I have tomorrow at the bookstore to work on this and yes my own personal sweat shop. . . grandma. :) She volunteered (I promise) to embroider the numbers. The numbers on my mum's set are made out of felt, but time shortage calls for alternatives. As I said to mum, "If grandma hadn't been willing to embroider the numbers, I would have thrown the mittens across the room by now." Embroidery is not my strong suit.

Mondays are not always about crafts. I wanted to update you on what I have been reading. LibraryThing sent me an early reviewer, Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood (speaking of which I'm way behind on updating my GoodReads, so don't be looking on there to see how I'm doing. . . mental note to update that tomorrow). I'm on chapter 9 and thus far it is entertaining. It is nothing earth shattering and I wonder why I picked this book out of the last batch of early reviewers. Typically I'm not the "oh let's read about witches" type. I'm also not huge on throwing religious fanatics in books (especially young adult novels) that way the general public associate (in this case) Christians with those found in the story. It must have been the cover that drew me in, not sure. 

I also have a tomb sitting on my shelf to read from LibraryThing a Catherine the Great non-fiction book by Robert Massie (I have a thing, perhaps obsession with Russian history). I'm eying that book right now, with half dread half intrigue. I'll pick it up soon. . . maybe after Christmas.

Oh and ugh, I'm still reading The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi (great name!). I purchased this book in Long Beach last year and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it was because of the cover. Yes and the prospect of it being a steampunk novel (which as far as I can tell, it is not). Maybe this is the type of book that you need to devour immediately, rather than shoving it in a corner, hoping the next time you pick it up you're somehow closer to the end than when you put it there. Wishful thinking? Much of the book is over my head and that makes me feel stupid. Then there is the fact that I want to read more about specific characters, but no I keep getting chapters about the people I could care less about. I also have this pet peeve, authors if you are going to have foreign languages in your books, please translate for us "normal" folk. As mush as I would love to say "hey I speak Thai", I don't right now and can't see it happening anytime soon. Sorry. Here's to hoping this book changes within the last half and oh yes. . . that I finish it.

Final thoughts. . . 
Should I do a book giveaway? I have a few books I wouldn't mind passing on to someone (Born Wicked perhaps) who could enjoy them. Leave a comment if you think I should or not.

Check out the music from the group Set it Off. I really like their music, especially their song Horrible Kids. Maybe later this week I will post a music playlist of must listens!

Now to bed!

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