Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mail and Temptation

It seems to me that the small things in life tend to bring the greatest delight. Mail. It is a small thing, but I absolutely love walking to the mailbox and discovering I got a letter or package. (Please no bills, thank you.) The mail had lots to give yesterday. A large envelope all the way from jolly ole England and a Borders box. England or rather Persephone Books sent me their catalog. Oh great just what I need more temptations to spend all my cash on books. Between the Bloomsbury’s new set of republished books and now Persephone’s pages of sigh worthy books, I’m ready for desperate measures. How much could I get for a kidney on the black market? I think I need to come up with a system...reward system for purchasing books. I was thinking maybe for every book I read from my own shelves I could put back a buck or two. It still doesn’t really suffice for washing away the give into temptation and raid every possible hidden money place in my house. I wonder how many there are? Not many really. Oh well...

Borders had Christmas presents (for other people) and (squeal*) Whip It soundtrack. Talk about great music. I know it will be on constant repeat for some time. That’s not all, though. Books! Books for me! I know I shouldn’t, really shouldn’t have, but I did. What else am suppose to do when Borders throws temptation of here are Borders bucks that you need to spend and plus a coupon? Ahhhh...the misery (not really). Lament and Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater**. Elyza gets to read Ballad first and I’ve already Lament, but I wanted to own both.

Sometimes my mind explodes with the amount of books I have to read. The ratio of read to have not read continues to get out of hand. So many books to read and not enough time***.

* I squeal too much...actually not really.

** For the record I did attempt to hand over the books to mom. I told her I could ‘forget’ I got them and she could give them to me for Christmas. She said no. I tried.

*** I almost said too many, but that is a swear word in my dictionary.

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