Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tattoo Tuesdays: Would you be my Anchor?

I cheated. I went searching for today's tattoo feature. It is not as though I looked in my pocket and said, "Gee look what I have to share with you today." Sorry. :(

I logged onto my Pinterest account (the first time in AGES) and typed in tattoos and began browsing and clicking 'like' to my little hearts content. Some people have no qualms about baring it all for Pinterest, I will tell you that...yikes.

You know me I REALLY like rib tattoos, but my second 'fall for' tattoo is wrist tattoos. Wrist tattoos and I are like this (me: crossing my fingers). I'm a sucker for them and in fact when doodling on myself and daydreaming about my someday tattoo. . . I 100% picture it being on my wrist.

Drum roll please!

Isn't it a beauty?!? Simple and yes an anchor. As the tumblr person I reblogged this from (19ninetynever) said: "Haven’t even seen this man’s face and I’m already attracted to him."

You are not a fully fledged sailor unless you have sailed under full sail,” - Irish Proverb

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