Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thrive Thursdays: New Regimes, New Masters and New Chapters

[thrahyv] * verb
2. to grow or develop vigorously; flourish: The children thrived in the country.
1. to grow strongly and vigorously 

Hello my old friends! It has been entirely too long between blog posts.

After Tuesday's Dear Boy post I took the time to look over my past posts. I realized a number of things. I miss writing. I miss sharing thoughts and the rush I get when I hit 'Publish'. The days that follow a post are like a little girl waiting at the window for the mailman to arrive with a letter from her best friend. Even if no one comments, watching the view count steadily increase is so exciting!

Reading some of the older posts I could 'hear' how happy I was while writing them. Writing makes me so happy. Among worldly pleasures it has to rank in my top 5. I don't want to mess up or sacrifice a good thing. I have a good thing, my words and me.

The past few several months have brought about big changes for me. We won't plunge into the nitty gritty right now. Although, I should tell you some of my biggest news...I am now unemployed. As of August 2nd I became my own boss. My sole gig is the bookstore and home life. Trust and faith need to get busy, that's for sure!

Today I am introducing a new blog series. We welcome Thrive Thursdays! Often times my blog posts serve a purpose of what I hope is to encourage others walking this road we call life. I need to listen to more of my own advice. This is where Thrive Thursdays come into play. Right now in life I'm like a chicken walking around the yard waiting. I'm stuck between knowing my head is going to be chopped off and my head actually being chopped off...on the brink. In my personal walk I need the encouragement that others can bring.

I want Thrive Thursdays to be a time to share what I am, what we are, doing to stay in a pursuit of growth. What are you doing to thrive, to vigorously FLOURISH? Thriving can be waking up that day. It can be doing the laundry, taking a walk, making the effort to exercise (I know I need to) or reading a good book that you want to tell us about. Perhaps Thursdays will become my Pinterest day and I spend the day cooking everything on my food board or creating all the projects from my craft board (no rainy days needed). Thursdays can be a day that I/you spend encouraging others. So many times I get caught up with my own social networking footprint I forget that other bloggers, tweeters, etc. want just what I'm prowling the web for...recognition and a little "Oi, you there! Yep you! What you just said is brilliant!" (insert big smile) We will play this by ear. I think we all need accountability and encouragement, we all need a method for the means.

Growth is rarely pleasant or fun, but we can try to make the best of it. Right?

Thriving can be meeting new people and best friend maker conversations.

New Chapters are scary. They are unnerving, but they can be so much more! Stay connected here on the blog and other places below. Let's see how we do...together.

Thriving Moments: New Blog Series :)
Footnotes (toe wiggling goodness):
  • Bracelets in new blog series banner are from one my favorite shops/organizations MudLove. Support a great cause and have something awesome to wear.
  • What did I listen to while writing this post? Of course I want to share this with you! New to me: Backseat Goodbye I haven't picked a favorite song yet.

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