Saturday, May 1, 2010

May, Musings, and More

We’re starting off the month May beautifully. Some may being looking at me as though I’m a bit off. It has rained all day...down pour is more like it. I’m sure the earth and plants are rejoicing. I like this kind of rain, it leaves a scent that will always be imprinted on my mind. Although there is a downside, it has been incredibly musty and humid, while stuck in doors.

I’ve tried 3 times to begin a new blog post. Two of which are on my work computer, both not more than 1 paragraph. They sadly (for them anyway) have been abandoned, not likely that I or anyone else will take up their cause in the near future.

I recently struck upon a new reading challenge. I’m forever trying to motivate myself to read the books already on my shelves. Can I help it that new books (are my personal DRUG) and library books call to me from their shelves, “Read me! Buy me! Forget the others!”? Is it any wonder the library is contemplating setting up a security system to keep me out. They’ve been threatened one too many times by my books for allowing me access. Anyway its rather simple really...if I can stick to it. I read 5 of my own books and then I can purchase 2 new. 5! Did I really commit to that many?! Bloody...(shaking my head).

First up The Charity Girl by Georgette Heyer, I finished it today. Several people have suggested that I read her books and I thought it was about time. Heyer is a modern Jane Austen author, modern in the sense that she lived in modern times (1902-1974), but she wrote Regency Era Romance. The Charity Girl was a pleasant read, not heavy and certainly not boring. My only 2 complaints are that I felt I needed a lingo dictionary to better understand the characters peculiar phrases and at one scene the characters go round and round (beat the bush!) to the point where I was wanting to jump inside the pages to do some very loud shouting. Georgette Heyer has my vote for read worthy books and I’ll definitely read more in the future. (This cover is much prettier than the one that I own...lucky!)

I’m not sure what I’ll read next, but I only have 4 more to go. 4! I borrowed a book from the shop to read, Death in Venice (plus 2 other short stories) by Thomas Mann. Let’s just say it is an odd one this story. However, it does not count toward my 5.

In slightly more depressing news...365 letter project...I quit, I gave up. It came to the point where I was dreading having to think of yet another person to write a measly boring letter to. I’m not sure I’ll try for that goal ever again.

I did finish Total 365! photo project. What a weight off my shoulders! Not sure I like pictures of myself any better, in fact probably less. I now count photography among my hobbies and love taking pictures. Especially getting creative and artsy with how I take them.

A last note (bed is literally shouting at my eyes), I really must try to post more. I aspire to be an author yet I don’t write. How can one ever hope to have a future as an author if they never write? I may begin to post more, but beware boredom my await you as I tend to lack ideas for new and exciting material. Well at least I can’t pop a brilliant idea everyday...maybe every other! :)

Check this out...I tweeted about it the other day.
This makes want to have an iPhone and go to London!

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